Rules not working (iOS, Wyze Camv2) - iOS notification won't silence

Trying to set up a rule for one of my Wyze v2 cameras. Have it mounted into our backyard. Since we’re all home right now with COVID, we’re in the backyard a lot. It’s firing off non-stop notifications. Trying to set up the following rule:

  • Backyard camera (Wyze cam v2)
  • Action: Turn off notifications
  • Start time: 7am
  • End time: 9pm
  • Every: MTWTFS

I’ve rebooted the camera, but just constantly firing off notification to my iOS devices. Am I doing something wrong? Seems pretty straight forward, but…?


Welcome to the Wyze community!
The rule you have setup should work. Other people experienced this bug. Try doing separate rules for enabling and disabling the notifications.