Wyze camera mounting base, limited adjustability

I have V2 & V3, different mounts with limited adjustability.

Given that there untold number of possible mounting locations, most are not vertical or flat.

I recommend Wyze use a ball type mount,i.e. like the one used for cameras.

This would provide unlimited positioning. And use the same ball mount for all camera. I bet this would reduce mfg’ing complexity and cost.

What are some examples of where you are trying to mount? Your trying to mount more permanent than the mag mount? Did you know the base of the v3 screws off to show a standard camera screw mount that’s on the bottom of the camera? Would that be of help to you?

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Didn’t know there was a 1/4” hole in the bottom of the V3. Will check it tomorrow. If true, will get a wall mount camera swivel head.

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It’ll be there. :slight_smile: