Broken base bracket

I’m trying to find a replacement mounting bracket for my cam v3. The base cracked while I was adjusting the angle of the camera.

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A dumb contractor caused a leak at my home and ALSO broke my cam base bracket too.
All at once man… can’t find the part.

Get one of these or get one from WYZE

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Looks like the OP has a regular v3. This might work better.

I have two like the link I posted and use them on V3 cams, Remove the screw on the bottom of the cam and screw in the mount. 1/4-20 shaft.


I keep a couple of new v3 cameras on a shelf ready to put in service. I have not had a v3 die or break in 2 years. When one does I will keep it on my shelf to use for parts.

I haven’t broken any either, I just needed a different way of mounting the cams on the sides of the house to get the correct field of view. :upside_down_face:

thanks, I will try this with my regular v3 cam that someone broke (knocked it down with a ladder and broke the plastic ring on the swivel)…

180.71 I hope that is Pesos :astonished:

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HAHA indeed. MXP, Mexican Pesos, it should be something like 11 dlls with free shipping if you’ve got Prime.

The mounts work really well for me, I am happy with them and they are more adjustable than the original mounts. Good Luck.

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I just love the factory ones, very compact, discret, magnetic, etc… but this will work too.