Wyze camera / application issues

I updated my wyze cam’s software as well as the app on my phone to the most recent version a week or two ago and I have run into a few issues since then.

  1. I’m not getting push notifications sent to my phone until several minutes after the event happened .

  2. The camera is not sensing movement despite the fact that I’m walking right in front of the device. I have had guests enter my house on a few occasions since the update and I didn’t get any push notification. When I go into the app and look at my notifications there was nothing listed either. The only way I managed to find out was by looking at the recordings from the memory cards.

  3. In some cases I won’t get a push notification,
    but if I go into the Wyze app I will see that I have notifications I have missed.

I have tried the following to resolve these issues…

  1. remove the camera from my wyze app and set it up again

  2. uninstall and reinstall the wyze app

  3. purge the cache on the wyze app

  4. adjust the motion sensitivity from 50 to 100.

What would you suggest I try doing at this point? It certainly sounds like it’s some sort of software issue at this point. Prior to these updates I haven’t experienced any issues with my wyze cam.

Same problem!

I believe that event notifications are designed to be sent AFTER the 12 second event video is uploaded. It would not seem to make sense to send a notification before you have anything to see?

As I write this I watched a lady walk her dog by my back deck. About 15 seconds later I got the notification from my Pan camera on the back deck.

Now a second person subsequently walked by and I received no notification as it was within the 5 minute cool down period.

Is it possible your missing notification are a result of the cool down period?