Wyze Cam3 firmware updates 9 out of 10 days

Why are my cameras updating firmware 9 out of 10 days for past month. Every time I look at them it says I need an update so I do it, next day same thing, and again, and again… I have 6 cameras (various models) but the V3 seems to do this the most (also the one I view the most). My outdoor cams and V2’s don’t seem to update that often but the V3 is almost every single day.

Come on… I just want to view the camera not see the firmware update needed plastered on the screen. And yes I know I can tell it to not show me this again but I feel like if there is an update it might be important.

So, is there really that many updates (why???) and if not are my cameras bugged out somehow that shows updates needed??

If the update fails, the next time you will check your cam, you will have the same message.

What firmware version does the app say is on the affected cameras? What actual version of the app are you using and in what device?

The most recent v3 firmware update was posted on Dec 6, before that is was Nov 22, and before that was Nov 3. So your claim of 9 out of 10 days over the past month may be close to correct as there have been 3 production updates in the last 30ish days.

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App version 2.26.21 (iPad) cam firmware is Using on an iPad mini 5th gen with latest OS. It does the same on my iPhone 10 (one OS behind iPad).

There does not seem to be a new version of the app (and I have auto update all apps turned on).

If it fails does it give you any indication it failed?

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Yes if you go in the account tab/firmware update or in your device, device info.

That’s correct we have had 4 V3 firmware updates in the last 45 days…its so easy to do all cameras updates at one time there’s alot going on with the V3,so it’s normal

Unless you are running Beta the v3 has only had 3 updates in the last 45 days. Updating 9 times in the past 10 days is definitely not normal and tells me the update is probably failing. I would try going into them one by one and updating the firmware and waiting until you see the result. I tend to not use the bulk update method as I have more issues updating that way.

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OK, when I tell it to update it always says you can close this screen and the update will finish so I always do, I just did an update but left the app open and on the update screen and it said “failed” (after like 10 minutes). I guess I will try to unplug (tomorrow as it’s cold out in the garage tonight) and try again. But if it keeps failing the update over wifi (I have a very strong mesh wifi) is there another way to do it? Like with the card?

Well, went ahead and went out and unplugged and re plugged in the camera (just couldn’t wait) and when I then told it to update I came back to the iPad to find this.

Processing: IMG_0724.jpeg…

Image does not seem to be working but it fixed it and is now

That version is a few releases back from the current production firmware of That firmware was a little wierd to get to in the first place as it was the second of a two part update.


I wonder if the app is having a hard time updating past that one because it was a two parter that may not have installed itself correctly. For troubleshooting I would try a manual firmware flash on one of those V3s to the current production firmware stated above. Or atleast to a manual firmware flash to between your #.3.19 and the #.8.15 then try the app update for kicks to see if it brings you to #.8.15.