Wyze cam2 black won't record events with motion detection even with cam plus

Does anyone know why camv2 black can’t be set up to record events in motion or sound with cam plus subscription? Cam plus mentioned that supports cam v2 black.

I have multiple black V2s and they all work quite well with CamPlus. Can you provide more details of your problem?

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Make sure you assign the subscription in account > services. Then check event recording under the cameras settings.


Well I have 3 cams v3and they work with cam plus. I can record events by motion and noise. Then I bought a wyze car with cam v2 black, and even with cam plus won’t give me the options to record events by motion or sound like the cam 3 cameras do.

I did assigned the new subscription to the v2 camera and still won’t give me the choices to record events like my other v3 cameras do. Camera settings won’t give me choices to record by motion or sound, it just gives me information about the cam v2.

Did you initially install it as the Wyze car camera? It probably still has the wyze car firmware on the camera which removes a bunch of normal operation functions from the camera. You’ll need to flash the regular production branch firmware on the camera to get those functions back.

What’s the actual firmware version on the camera right now?


The firmware in camera is and also Wyze Sence Bridge

Yes update to the latest version via flashing the firmware: https://support.wyze.com/hc/en-us/articles/360031490871-How-to-flash-your-Wyze-Cam-firmware-manually

1 Like is the current Cam v2 firmware for exclusive use in the Wyze Car. This firmware version cannot make use of Cam Plus features. If you removed your cam from the Wyze Car for regular use, either manually flash back to regular Cam v2 firmware as IEatBeans noted above, or just do it via the Wyze Car app directly (with your Cam v2 connected to the Wyze Car):

From the Wyze Car app home page, tap your user icon in the upper left:

Select “Switch Cam mode”:

Find your cam in the list. The button for your cam should read “Use Camera Mode”. Tap that button and the firmware will revert the cam back to a normal Cam v2.