Wyze cam v4 showing offline in the app (2 of the 3 new one's I've ordered!)

I ordered 3 of the Wyze Cam v4’s to replace 3 of my V3 cameras. I have them mounted outside. 2 of the 3 V4 cameras keep showing offline in the app. The amount of time varies before showing offline. The cameras must still be “on” because they continue to record to the sd card even while showing offline. The only way to get them back online is to power cycle them. The 2 cams in question are plugged into a smart switch so that I can power cycle them easily if needed. The are also mounted at the same place outside as the 2 V3 cams they replaced (never had any issues with those). The cams are powered from one cord from the outlet and then to a splitter to plug the v4 cams into. I’ve sent some diagnostic logs to support over the weekend. Waiting to contact them to get a ticket opened. Honestly, I wish I would have just kept my v3 cams…

What many people don’t realize is that the new V4s are more taxing on the network compared to the V3s. They contain four times more pixels than v3 at HD stream. Looks like your network can’t handle three v4s, that’s why only one of your cameras is working properly. Recording to the SD card is done in camera, hence no issues with it.

Is this a USB splitter? If that’s the case then not enough power is reaching your cameras. While it was fine for the old V3s, it’s not enough for the new cams. I’m guessing the V4s draw more power, but I’m not sure.

Well I can tell you it takes longer to download event videos from the events page to my iPhone. I have a 1 minute, 8 second video of a car in front of my house early this morning and it is 8.22MB.

Yeah, many people don’t realize that 2 and 4K cameras have a beautiful recordings but are not for your run of the mill internet/network setup.

I highly doubt it’s my network. I would also guess it could be the USB splitter. I did swap out the wyze power block for one that can supply more Amps, but the cameras still going offline in the app. So I’m leaning towards either power, or maybe something that will require a firmware update, It’s always a risk being one of the first to try new hardware.

I have a V4 and a V3Pro both plugged into the same good quality electrical extension cord using the supplied power bricks. The extension is connected to a KASA smart plug. No issues at all.

Again, i doubt it’s my my network. I have 1.2G from Comcast and the Wi-fi connection to the cameras is good.


My setup is a little different. I have a KASA smart plug as well, but running both cameras from one power block and a usb splitter near the cameras.

You need one block per camera. The blocks are 5V 1 Amp. Minimum that camera needs is 4.89V and 0.9 Amps. Two cameras barely get the minimum from one block.

I replaced the block with a block that delivers 2.1A

That should work

Support asked me to change from 2K to HD. Cameras still going offline. I’ve ordered another 25ft ext cable to power each camera from its own power block. Hopefully that works or these v4 cams are going back!

Wow, 25ft USB cable is a big stretch and that’s your problem with the cameras. You’ll have a significant voltage drop rendering your cameras useless. It’s better to bring AC power closer to the camera if possible. USB was never designed to exceed 10ft cable distance.

25ft cable worked fine for the v3’s. Lots of people use this length or longer to power their outside cameras.

I’ve used 43ft cable with my v3s but I changed them all except one. Still works fine except when I try two way radio or siren, then all hell brakes loose.

Don’t forget, v4 is totally different beast compared to v3s.

i kind of regret going to the V4’s this early after release. The only reason I swapped 3 of my v3’s for these v4’s was the better resolution. These all face towards places I want to have better images.

Sooner or later you’ll have to make sure that the new v4s or any camera for that matter can thrive in their environment. You’ll have to have a robust network, fast ISP, good power supply, all the little things that people overlook and than they blame the manufacturer (in this case Wyze).

I have 5 v3s and I’m content with them. They do what they want them to do. Do I want better and newer cameras? Of course I do, but they will probably disappoint me. My five cameras are spread on two properties. One property is a remote location with only 1Mbps upload speed (for cameras download speed doesn’t matter much). My three v3s can barely keep up in group view at 360p remote viewing. Single view is tolerable at SD, but sometimes will throw a tantrum. That’s the limitation of that environment and I learned to leave with it.

My other two cameras are at home. My internet speeds at home are much better at 50Mbs up. Never had an issue, except when AWS slows down or craps out. I was tempted to replace my home cameras with the new v4s, but I changed my mind. They don’t offer anything more than what my present cameras offer. The only thing that I really want is faster notifications, but I doubt that v4s will make a big difference in that area.