Wyze Cam v3?

v3 looks dead? The white lights are actually red. It was making crackling noise trying to start up. Any ideas?

First try changing the USB cable. If that doesn’t fix it, try changing out the power supply.

I had the same exact problem couple of days ago. It was the USB cable

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If that does not help, attempt a manual reload of the firmware from a uSD card.

Yup, it’s the power supply. Looks like I need to purchase a new one from Wyze. Thank you.

Can someone lead me in the right direction in finding a new power supply for my v3. I don’t see it on Wyze.com.

Or Amazon, of Walmart, or whereever is easy for you. Nothing special about the Wyze one. Just get one that has at least a 1 amp capacity.


Any cell phone charger USB power supply will work. It only needs 5V @ 1A (1000mA) but a higher Amp will work, lower will not.

I have had 3 go bad and exhibit the same behavior.

BTW, the V3 doesn’t have any white lights.

Those are supposed to be red. Those are the 850nm Far Infrared LED emitters for the IR Night Vision. There are more in the upper right and left just above those for the 940nm Near IR Night Vision.

The Wyze Power Adapters for the V3 are currently sold out…