Wyze Cam V3 dead, any other method to try?

My cam been working and all of sudden doesn’t work anymore.
There is no LED light shows up at the front any more.

  1. What I have try is download the firmware and hold-down the setup and plug in USB power, still doesn’t upgrade/reset the firmware. I have try this on NTFS and FAT32 no respond at all.
  2. Also try holding setup button for 10 second, no respond or ay LED indicator.

Anything else I can try? or this is completely dead

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If it’s still under warranty, have Wyze replace it. Looks like it’s dead.

Nope just passes that Warrenty period

Try a different USB power source.


Yea make sure your using the included power cable and adapter, and if it still shows no indicator light try using a diffrent power cable and adapter. Does it say anything when you hit the setup button? Make sure your using a 32gb sd card when flashing, and make sure you renamed the file correctly.

Properly dead, i try multiple usb source and diff 32GB mem card as well. Just making sure if there isn’t anything else i haven’t done.

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Welcome to the forums ! @htdragazn

I too have experienced this , a few months ago I changed routers and a v3 bricked on me . Connected to power and no led lights was showing .

I haven’t had time to flash the firmware bc I do not have a computer to do so but I wonder why it happens to the wyze cameras so much ? Ugh so frustrating

I haven’t owned or used a PC in over 10 years. Not necessary when our phones are more powerful and have more storage that computers back then.

I use Android, but I have OTR capability to read\write to SD on a USB\Multi Card Reader plugged into my phone charging port. I can read cam SD cards and the video recorded to it, pull cam log files, and write to it for a FW Flash Update.

iPhones also have this capability:

Connect external storage devices to iPhone - Apple Support.


Good to know , thanks

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Let’s see you get four 24 inch monitors (in 4K) driven by your phone. And how many terrabytes of storage do you have on your phone?

Phones are great and wonderful, but they are NOT a replacement for a PC…

  • Cast to 58" Flat screen (bigger if I weren’t so cheap… Wireless projector compatible also)
  • BT Full Function Keyboard w\ trackpad & USB dongle mouse.
  • USB OTR w\ any external hard drive, flashdrive, or SD of any size I plug into it with full function.
  • 4 TB WiFi\Ethernet NAS Personal Cloud Server w\ auto backup. Only limited by the number of Ethernet ports on my router and how many I want to buy and connect.
  • 256GB automatic cloud critical backup storage

It’s not the size of the phone that matters. It’s how you choose to use it. My phone doesn’t need to be a 20 pound cinder block on a desk when it will connect to anything I want it to.

In the last 10 years, I have yet to regret downsizing from 1 server, 2 desktops, an unsecure laptop, a secure laptop, a secure iPhone, and an unsecure Android. And better yet, I have yet to find a use for any of them during that entire time. My phone does everything I need it to do and just keeps on giving.

How well does it run Windows only programs?

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I don’t need windows only programs. They all have open source or proprietary developed Android App equivalents. I have been doing this for over 10 years now. It was a bit of a system shock when I first cut the cord, but it has become incredibly easy. I handle everything on one single Android device. Windows and Mac has nothing to offer me that I can’t get on my phone.

My light show software is Windows only
My radio programming software is Windows only.
My satellite tracking & antenna rotor control software is Windows only.
My scanner (radio type) software is Windows only.
My PC board layout software is Windows only.
My CAD software is Windows (and I thing MAC) only.
My video editing software is Windows and MAC only.
My router management software is Windows only.
The list goes on…

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The very key word that you use over and over in your list is “My”. You are trying to apply your overly complex and sophisticated needs to my situation and it just doesn’t compute. It’s reminiscent of a flightline “Mine’s Bigger” contest.

I realize that it is easy to assume that the millions of users out there have the same advanced computational needs as you, but in reality it just isn’t true. They don’t. I don’t.

If you have a need to continue depending on a computer, good for you. I don’t.

Also do test using another powercord when you test it on another power supply. I had a cord go bad. It was in the attic powering a camera outside. Not for sure but i do believe it had a high resistant short that also knocked out the power supply. Changed the cord and power supply. And works again.

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