V3 cams shorting out

I’ve had 2, V3 cams short out within months of each other. 1 was plugged directly into the wall outlet, the other was plugged into a surge protector. There is no video and it says offline. When plugged in they just make static, crackling noises. I used only the supplied wires so it can’t be my fault. They are both mounted indoors so no elements get to them. Has anyone else had this issue???

When I received notice that the subscription prices were going up it made my think twice about Wyze, but now my 2 newest cams quit working so I’m definitely thinking about switching to another company. I feel like it’s just a matter of time before my 3rd V3 cam goes out. My V1 cam still works years later though smh…

Maybe the 5 Volt 1 Amp power adapters went bad ? There are some other post here of that happening in recent weeks but I have not had the issue myself. I would get a new 5V -1A power adapter and try it out.

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I have had the power adapter on 3 V3 Cams do this recently after being in service for some time. All were in what would be considered “hot” areas.

Your power adapters have gone to live in a better place.

Use a Cell Phone Charger power adapter and plug the cam into it. The cam should take off and run like a champ.

You can replace the power adapter by using what you have - 5V 1A minimum, buying the Wyze Kit below :cold_sweat: if it is in stock, or you can buy your own just about anywhere… like Amazon. I bought a half dozen dual USB A\C power adapters pretty cheap.