(3) Cameras Offline

Three weeks ago, I installed three new Wyze V3 cameras in the house (all have worked flawlessly until now). As of last night at 6:29pm, the last detection of movement happened. As of today all three cameras are offline and one camera is making a crackling sound when from the camera itself (not on the app).

I have tried unplugging and plugging them back in to no avail. Any tips or tricks?
I was referred to Wyze by a friend and told that their products were great but now I’m not so sure. My friend also has a camera down (making a crackling sound too).

Crackling Sounds from Wyze cam speaker have been linked to a bad USB power supply or cable in the past…

I would also try unplugging your WiFi access point for 30 seconds too.

I had one v3 go OffLine a week ago and I had to hit the Setup button and re-set it up on my network. Been working fine now.

Thanks for the quick reply.

So I took the USB plug off of another camera (that was also showing offline but not making any noise) and put it on the camera that was making the crackling sound. The camera is still offline and making the crackling sound with this plug.

I tried the router reboot to no avail. My internet and tv seems to be working fine and they both use the router.

Might try ordering some new plugs.

You can use any USB power supply as long as it is 5 volt, 1000ma or greater.

Just a quick update. Amazon delivered replacement USB adapters today and all three cameras are back online. I find it very strange that no other items failed except the camera USB plugs.

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