Wyze Cam V3 not working

Two of my Wyze cam v3 stopped recording any events. ONe about a month ago, now the second one about 1 week ago.
I notice a crackling sound coming from the camera but nothing else. Unplugging and plugging in again does not work.

Does this mean non-repairable failure of camera. Both cameras have been outside useage for 1-2 years at most.

Is the only issue with the two cams that they do not record events and you heard a crackling sound?

A couple of clarification questions to help you troubleshoot:

  1. Was the sound physically from the cam or from video the cam recorded?

  2. Are the events that are failing to record in the Events page list of events or SD card playback of motion\continuous recordings?

  3. Does the cam show as online in the app?

  4. Does the cam allow you to load Live View streaming?

  5. What subscription are these cams assigned to… If any?

  6. What is the Firmware version currently installed on the cam?

The more you can tell us the better chance of diagnosing the problem.

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  1. sound comes from the camera itself, I hear when I am outside.
  2. No events are being recorded.
  3. camera show Off-line
  4. NO since camera is off-line
  5. no subscription

The fact that the sound is coming from the cam itself would concern me that there may be some internal moisture damage.

With the cams offline, it will be hard to troubleshoot. I doubt the regular troubleshooting steps with the app will work since a physical power cycle (unplug\plugin) on the cams didn’t bring them back.

My next steps would be to:

  1. Pull any SD Card
  2. Unplug Cams
  3. Repower and press the setup button to see if they will reinstall.

If they don’t reinstall, I would bag them in a silica dessication bag for a good long time and then try to reinstall again.

If they still don’t come back, they are probably toast.


I have the exact same issue as 4Forum. I’ve had it for about 7mos in the garage, so i don’t believe it’s been exposed to moisture. I have five v3 cameras. Only this one in the garage quit working. I have another one outside under the porch and is working fine so far. Will this be covered under warranty?