Wyze Cam 3 Is NOT recording events

Hi all. I have had to replace both of my Wyze cam V3’s the past few moths. The one that was replaced in the front now works just fine *knock on wood. The one I replaced for the back is still having the same issue…it is not reliably recording events. I have purposely walked in the view of the cam, turned up the sensitvity and it still misses 99% of the events. I am so annoyed at this point because the reason I got these cams was to monitor movement around the outside of the condo. What is the problem? Why is one camera (in the front) picking up EVERYTHING!!! Bugs, shadows, the trees blowing in the wind as well as people and cars and the cam in the back is basically just a live feed with no recording at all? Both cams have SD cards, both cams are PLUS level. PLease help

Can you share screen shots of your camera view, event tab, different settings pages including detection zones? Without knowing all that it’ll be hard to begin to guess at a reason for this claim. And is it the cloud storage or local storage that you are having issues with? You mentioned both, but they are independent of each other and both have separate event recording features.

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