Wyze cam v3 buzzing and red lights

My camera is no longer available in the app. I get error code 90. I tried power cycling 3 times and still wouldn’t fix the connection issue. I decided to climb up on the ladder to try and cut power at the camera and noticed the camera was buzzing and there were four red lights on the front around the lens

Those 4 red lights are the IR lights it turns on when you are using nightvision.
The other noises may be indicating that the camera is caught in some kind of rebooting cycle or it could be a noise from the speaker.

I would first try a factory reset:

If that doesn’t work, then try flashing the firmware back to a previous firmware version:

Flash Firmware for Wyze Cam v3

I had a V3 Cam do that exact thing this week. Did it on every power cycle. Started swapping out each component. Plugged a brand new V3 into the old power cord because I thought it was the cam. Nope. New cam did it too.

Power Adapter gave up.

Switched to new power adapter and the cam lit back up like nothing happened.


Oh thank you!! That worked swapped out for another usb block and just fine. Just so sad wyze support did nothing. She just said sorry for the issues we can’t do anything since it’s older than warranty period. Nothing like oh this is a known problem here is a fix or aww haven’t seen this yet I’ll pass it on to be investigated for a solution/prevention

So glad you found a solution!

In defense of Customer Support on this one, which I rarely do, it isn’t a “known issue” or a widespread problem. I have been on the forum for quite a long time and have never once seen the exact symptoms we experienced nor have I been reading of the Power Adapters giving up the ghost.

I think it was just pure coincidence that this happened to one of my cams earlier this week… And it was installed about a year ago. I have others that have been going for almost 3 years.

I have a box of old cell phone charger blocks I am keeping as backups. But, if I have to, I will just order a handful of highly rated 2A power adapters from Jeffy.

Oh yeah, I get the rarity for it I’m just shocked the lack of determination on the rep to just kinda brush it off. Was at least thinking if this was a rare event a considerate approach of going to pass it on and file it so maybe the next person that comes around asking about it support can be like oh yeah the power adapter is shot just use any generic one (cause they don’t offer replacement for that at this time).
I mean I do wonder if where I live in the Phoenix area this is the first full summer it’s been installed so not sure if the hot temps are causing the power adapter to fault

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Where is the power adapter plugged in? Outside? The bricks that come with the camera at purchase are only indoor rated so maybe an outdoor rated powder adapter is what you seek, that can handle the elements better.

The one that failed for me is inside my Garage w\ no AC, up in the rafters. It gets hot suring the summer, but certainly not Arizona hot. It is up there with 7 other cam power adapters, 4 of which have been up there for nearly 3 years.

It was in the garage