Wyze Cam v3 & Video Doorbell Pro Firmware Beta Test 3/23/2022

Wyze Cam v3 :



Wyze Cam v3:

  • Improved logs for accessory firmware update failure

  • Adjusted the audio priority to the following priority from greatest to least: siren < two-way audio < prompt tone

  • Fixed a bug that caused a reboot after pairing Wyze Cam v3 for the first time

Wyze Lamp Socket:

  • Improved lamp socket response time

Wyze Cam Floodlight:

  • Reduced face overexposure when the floodlight is turned on

  • Modified the default lighting time to 30 seconds

  • Fixed a bug that caused false detection when viewing the live stream

Wyze Video Doorbell Pro:

Version: 1.0.64


  • Added support for default Quick Responses

  • Added support for motion detection zones

  • Increased detection sensitivity to 5 levels

  • The doorbell will now sleep if the live stream is left on for more than 20 minutes when using the battery

  • Optimized Event uploading logic


Just to clarify, the symbols used says that Siren is the lowest priority, two way audio is mid-priority, and Prompt tone is the highest priority, but the wording/description I believe suggests the opposite is intended. So I believe it should be:

siren > two-way audio > prompt tone

(Siren takes the highest priority over everything, meaning it is greater than two-way audio which is greater than prompt tone [which is the lowest priority])…the “alligator mouth” of the symbol is supposed to be open toward the greater thing. :slight_smile: But if I am assuming wrong and the symbols were correct in their original orientation, then it is the wording description that should be updated instead because it led me to believe the symbols were backward. Anyway, the descriptive wording and the symbols currently contradict each other, so one of the 2 are not correct,

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I updared all devices I have with the reported Firmware. No issues at all. Thanks.

I do have a few questions on the VDBPro though:

Where is the Motion Detection Zones and the Increased Sensitivity to 5 levels? When I go to the Detection Setting Menu, I see the following and no Motion Detection Zones or increased Sensitivity Levels:

Where can I find this?

Doorbell still works, so the Firmware did load and it does show 1.0.64

I am submitting a log in case you can determine anything, assuming I am not missing something.

Log #: 514945

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VDBPro firmware failed the first time when selected in the account tab firmware area.

Second time I went through the home tab - device - device info -firmware version and it was successful doing it that way.

After firmware update on VDBPro, none of the listed updates for VDBPro are showing in the app. I am guessing a new Beta App that hasn’t been released yet is required to view them.
Does anyone else see the 5 sensitivity levels or detection zones? Will someone check and see if it works in iOS, because it does not in Android

(Edit: Just saw Spamoni edited and updated his response to report this too)

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I thought it was just me. The FW load for the VDBPro was taking a longer than expected from the FW Update location. I also updated mine from the Device Setting location

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Not seeing them on iOS or Android.

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Same here, I tested on both iOS and Android. No difference between the two.

No issues updating my 4 v3’s I have hooked up right now, will test our the lamp socket once I get a chance to get back outside without it being raining or snowing lol

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Cam v3 beta firmware results in 0.5 sec contrast flashing

Cam v3 live stream and SD recording results in poor resolution and 0.5 second contrast flashing when Night Vision Mode is on (Auto or On) and Night Vision IR Lights are set to Off. Night Vision Condition settings don’t matter as long as ambient light is sufficient to automatically enable NV (non-color) mode. Problem seen under current and older production and beta iOS and Android apps on various phones and tablets running various OS versions. I.e., this is a new firmware issue. This issue is occurring on all of my v3 cams, indoor and outdoor, standalone and Lamp Socket-connected. Recreating scenario is highly dependent on just the right amount of ambient light. I flashed 2 cams back to and issue disappeared. Reloaded and issue resurfaced. I placed a cam and a cam next to each other with the same settings… no issues, contrast flashing.

Log ID: 51542

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I’ve not noticed this myself but I’ll keep an eye out for it as I’ll be setting up more cameras outdoor. That would annoy me so much.

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Thank you for posting this issue. We are working on it. However, we can’t get any information from your log 51542. Do you mind submit another one after reproducing this issue? (Please choose camera instead of app when submitting log) Thank you so much.


Will do. :+1:

Log ID: 523476 (I chose “Camera Performance”)

Let me know if you need anything else. I have other v3 cams running the same firmware that exhibit this behavior.

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I have 2 V3 camera’s that won’t take the lastest firmware or the beta. I have to roll back to to get the camera working again.

The camera has a red led on for a little while then reboots itself and then it will restart the same process.

Log submitted: 524565

No issues with my v3 floodlight, lampsocket, or bare

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