Wyze cam v3 stopped recognizing wyze lamp socket as acceasory

Of course the app is freezing up when I try to submit a support ticket so posting this here:

My wyze cam v3 stopped recognizing the wyze socket it is connected to as an accessory. I’ve tried unplugging and restarting in all of the different combinations. The socket was recognized before so it is not the usb cable. Submitted logs: 732884. I just tried to submit a support request and the app crashed. Please just tell me how to fix this. I hope the solution is not to send in for a replacement because it was not easy to mount everything.

Have you restarted the camera ?

I can’t tell if you are joking or not


Oh okay. In the post I say “I’ve tried unplugging and restarting in all of the different combinations”. So, yes, I have tried restarting the camera

Sometimes, you can remove the lamp socket from the lamp or remove power from the lamp, then go into the app and clear the cache. This is located in account App Settings. Note: This will clear all thumbnails for your cameras, but when you live stream again, they will return.

Then go to the camera, Device Settings and select restart from there, to ensure the camera has been restarted after clearing the cache. Then go back to the app and add the power back to the lamp socket and see if it is recognized and usable.

Also, you can try to set it up again and see if it is found:

Here is a link someone posted:

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Thanks, I wasn’t aware of the ability to clear the app cache. I went through the steps you laid out though and the socket is still not recognized.

I’ve got a question about adjusting the tab in the socket. If that was a problem wouldn’t the camera not be receiving any power?

Not necessarily, the USB cable provides the power and data. If the cable was bad power or data may be problematic.

What version of the app are you running?
What version of the cameras firmware?

Would like to compare against what is out. I signed up to be a beta tester, so all of my stuff is beta releases. However, there was an app update yesterday which may correct this, but not sure.

Oh, when I read “the socket tab” I thought that meant the tab inside of the lamp socket which only provides power. I’m not sure if I want to try to mess with the tiny usb port using needle nose pliers. Would probably break the plastic.

The cameras say they are updated to the latest firmware ( and the app is 2.35.0 (13) on iOS (iPhone 12).

Side note: submitting a support ticket from within the app is still not working for me so I’m just stuck with the forum for now so thanks for the attempts to help

Definitely don’t do that, I was thinking about the cable itself. If you cannot submit a ticket, I am wondering if there is an issue with the App, Phone, or router.

Here is what I would do, which I am sure you already tried a couple of these:

  1. Restart the Phone and try to submit a log file
  2. If it does not work, try rebooting the router - this seems to clear things up
  3. You can try using another lamp to see if it connects to the camera

My Firmware for the v3 cameras is:
The App version for iOS is: I am running 2.35.0 (b9) not .13 Will see about 13 as that may be the latest released version. Question, are you sure you are running on your iOS? The Prod Release page does not show that version. I am sure it is, but just verifying.

Hmm, the reason I don’t think the problem is the USB cable is that this was working for a couple weeks and I haven’t done anything with the cable.

I rebooted the router, just in case, even though I don’t see how that could relate to the camera recognizing a usb accessory connected to it. Didn’t have an effect. Note that I can see the output from the camera and save clips etc. so network connectivity doesn’t seem to be a problem. No other problems with my phone.

The camera just decided it wasn’t connected to the socket anymore :man_shrugging:

Here’s a screenshot of the app’s about page if that’s useful. I’m on iOS 16.0.2

Just went to try to submit a ticket through the app (support → products → accessories → lamp socket) to get a screenshot of that issue and this is what’s showing for the wyze lamp socket. Other devices are still there

I had a similar, though not exact issue, with a lamp socket recently. I have a twin socket flood light for the entrance of my house. I wanted them to be turned on by the camera when motion is detected, else the normal twin carriage lights are always on at night to give the area some light.

I ended up with 4 lamp sockets. I initially purchased two from Amazon and then I found that Wyze.com have them for much cheaper so I bought two from Wyze planning to return the two to Amazon.

I took one socket from Amazon and set it up with an existing v3 camera that I have been running for months elsewhere in the house so I know the camera and cable are working fine.

Once I had everything working and was satisfied that I liked the setup I took one socket from Wyze and inseted it into the second opening of my flood light. Everything seems to be working fine. I had twin lights. Note, all firmware were updated first thing.

Then one night I noticed the second or satellite light was not coming on when the first one was. I checked the app and low and behold it said the v3 Cam is controlling only 1 socket. Huh? So I cut the main power and rebooted everything. Checked the app and now I see 2 sockets and everything was working fine again.

Next morning, I checked the app again and back to 1 socket reported. Turning on the lights via the app only cause 1 light to light up, as expected and the satellite is no longer linked. Another reboot of power fixed it again, showing 2 sockets.

The pattern I noticed for the two times it lost the link was that it takes about 10-12 hours before the link is lost and you have to reboot.

Of course this is not acceptable since the system will probably need a reboot when you’re not there.

I then took the satellite socket and replaced it with a socket from Amazon. Did exactly the same install and the system has been running fine with 2 sockets for a few days now. Knock on wood!

Sorry for the long story but bottom line is that these sockets communicate via Blue Tooth (I think) and you might (probably) have gotten a defective one.

I know it’s a pain, especially you said it’s tough to get to the location where you have it, but I think you need to try another socket. I don’t think it’s your camera or cable or even your app.

Good luck and let us know what happened if you decide to try another socket.


@spamoni4 @kingmeow Thanks for the attempts. I ended up putting a wyze bulb into the socket and treating the socket as a dumb usb socket. So far this actually works better than a regular bulb in the socket because the light can be set to turn on for 5 minutes when the camera detects a person. The socket control was only allowing lights to be turned on for a fixed time based on motion

I get the sense that this will be more reliable than a camera accessory. Let’s see if it holds up

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Thats good news. Let us know how it works out for you

I have a related/unrelated question for you. Do you have the camera plugged into a socket so you can restart the camera remotely when it isn’t recognized by the app, or the app says that the camera is powered off?
If so, that happens to me so often that I’ve begun plugging the cameras that this happens to most often into WiFi controlled plugs too - which leads me to a bigger question:. Why does this happens so often (at least weekly for several of my 13 cameras) and why can’t the Wyze team figure out why this happens and put an end to it?!?!?

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