Lamp socket will not connect to wifi

hello, i had the lamp socket adapter connected to my wifi and i was able to control it in the wyze app, i had to reset my camera and now the lamp socket adapter wont connect to my wifi.
how can i fix it?

Just one lamp socket, or did you have 2 or more together?

The lamp sockets get their internet through the V3 Camera. So, if it is not connected or working at all anymore, I would try to go through setup again.

There are some Lamp Socket Troubleshoot steps here:

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so in total i have 3 wyze cameras, two are v3 with each a lamp socket and the third is og cam that i have pointed at my dog’s cage, and turn it on when we are not home.

i have already removed both v3 cameras from the app and re added them multiple times, i did remove the lamp socker from the outlet and re add it, and i also did a power cycle for the light by turning the light on and off from the light switch.

Since you removed the V3 from the App, you will need to do a new setup\reinstall of the Lamp Sockets to get them added back as accessories to the V3 cams to which they are plugged.

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how do i do that?

Go to the V3 Cam Settings :gear: for each of the Cams that are plugged into the Lamp Sockets

In the Settings, click Accessories, then Lamp Socket. When the popup appears, click “I Have One Installed”.

Follow the setup instructions.

when i click i a have one installed, i get this message

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Hmmm. :thinking: Are you using the power cord that came with the Lamp Socket or the one from the V3?

Try it thru the main setup in the Home page. Plus Icon in the top left, Add a Device, Cameras, Wyze Cam Lamp Socket. The full install is the top option presented since you aren’t linking the socket in with others.

yes i am using the power cord that came with the lamp socket.

i also tried to add the lamp socket like i did to add the camera, and it said setup complete but i still cannot open the settings menu to access the lamp socket settings. i will try to re install the app and see if that helps

i just reinstalled the app and i am still getting the same error message

That is odd. Did you recently update the App? What version. Are you running?

Just for the sake of troubleshooting, did you try swapping the Sockets to the other fixture to see if the other V3 might connect?

Do any of the lamp sockets work?
My cam 3 and plugs connected without issue.
I plan to buy two more to replace two that I ordered. Tell me if any of these work first please.

Welcome to the Wyze User Community Forum @gqsmmdpmxt! :raising_hand_man:

Yes. I have several of them linked in my entry breezeway set to activate on motion when dark from the V3 Cam, from my Door Contact Sensors (2) opening, and from a Motion Sensor sensing motion. I also have several Rules set to activate them when other cams outside detect a Person.

They react and turn on the bulbs quicker than I expected.

Note though… In order for the Lamp Sockets to produce any on\off or Scheduled Smart Functions, single Lamp Sockets MUST be powering a V3 Cam. If you plan to link multiple Lamp Sockets together wirelessly so they all react together as a group, one of the Lamp Sockets must be powering a V3 Cam.

The Lamp Sockets do not connect to WiFi so they cannot get commands to do anything on their own. They get their commands from the V3 Cam that is plugged into them with the special Power\Data cord that ships with the Lamp Sockets. The V3 must be connected to the WiFi and Internet. The V3 is the only cam capable of controlling the Lamp Sockets.

Thank you. I have tried two of these for my driveway. each flawlessly powered the v3 Cams and the light bulbs but neither was able to be added to the Wyze App despite having a V3 Cam attached. Odd right? I figure it’s either Hardware issue or the Wyze App. Both V3 Cams were recognized, Signal strength test passed, neither Lamp socket appeared in my App to control the lights.

The Lamp Sockets do not appear as a “device” in the Home Device List.

Because they are an Accessory to the V3 Cam, they will show as an accessory in the Live Stream of that cam. When installed, a toggle button appears over the live stream of that cam to control the lights. The cam will also have additional Rules Trigger and Actions involving the Lamp Socket.

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