Wyze Cam v3 setup issues

I’m having issues setting up my v3 camera. I redid all my devices because I didn’t realize they needed a 2.4ghz network. Now that I renamed my network and did all the leg work it says my network name is too long even though my other Wyze cam outdoor cams didn’t say that and are connected to said network. I’m confused and really don’t want to rename everything and go through the initialization process for all cameras again. Is there a way to connect it? The network name is 32 characters long.

Right or wrong, I believe Wyze invokes a 31-character maximum length for network names, or at least they did on the V2 (and Plug? Heck, maybe everything prior). I’ve seen bugs that have taken it down to 24 before they were fixed.

My SSID is 5 characters. I guess don’t see an advantage in 32, since the network name is probably broadcast anyway.

As a quick test, reduce the SSID to 31 on your router and try to connect the cam.


A network name that long is going to cause problems with SOME devices - I don’t know if that includes any Wyze devices. There is really very little reason to have that long of an SSID - password yes, but not the SSID.


I see. Makes sense, it was just a funny network name but I definitely can make it short hand. Thanks for the help!


Why would you intentionally create a network name 32 characters long?

I already said why, it was a funny name…
With that said the Issue is resolved since I shortened the network name. Thank you for your help!