Wyze Cam v3 Pro

How is this “PRO” with no RSTP support and crippled functionality unless you pay for a subscription?

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I am hoping to see additional improvements once the updated UI is revealed upon install.


How many seconds will it take to send a person detected notification to an Echo show?
(my main issue with the cam 3 is that it takes many seconds).
Can you disable the mike (partially solved with tape over the mike on my cam 3).

You don’t need tape for the mic, just go to settings → Advanced Settings → toggle off “Record Sound”

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My cam 3 is in the same room as one of my Echo shows (pointed out a window)
I have record sound disabled but I get still get live sound on the show that causes an audio feedback loop.
I need to completely disable sound.

If you’re really serious about it, here’s a video link for manually disconnecting the V3 mic.



The tape eliminated my feedback problem. I also found a video to disconnect the mike but tried the tape first.
I was hoping they made the disable sound option when designing a new camera.

I “solved” my cam 3 WIFI issues by using an old router as a repeater.

If the v3 pro reduces the notification delay it would be a worthwhile upgrade for me.

Had purchased 2 pans and 4 of the V3’s that had issues. Luckily, all were purchased through Amazon and was able to have new ones resent which arrived the next day! Will order a couple of these 2k cameras for our new motorhome when Amazon stocks as well…

The V3 Pro is not shipping the first unit until November 4th.



Did I write V3? Sorry, I meant to say V2. I will correct later as its 336 am and I’m sleeping…

Made a big order for Wyze Week sale, Ordered 2 V3 Pros among other items on the 28th, nothing has been shipped, support just told me the entire order is being held from shipping as the V3 Pros are ‘pre-order’, nowhere did Wyze inform that the V3 Pro was pre-order, if it did I would have bought elsewhere, and one would think Wyze would have shipped the many other items I ordered that aren’t on pre-order instead of holding them till the V3 Pro is ready to ship to who knows when…extremely poor and deceptive business practices on Wyze’s part. I would avoid buying from them.

Cam v3 Pro starts shipping November 4, 2022.


I skimmed through this thread to read any comments about the lower field of view… no one else is disappointed by that? v3 = 130 vs. v3 Pro 116? I’d think if anything, the Pro should have been a little more fisheye like.

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I’m noticing that the Wyze Cam v3 Pro does NOT have the same distance capability as the Wyze Cam v3. But, this is a sample size of one (1). I’m curious what others are experiencing.

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So wish it had a telephoto zoom lens option:-(


That would certainly be nice, but then it would be a different cam. I think there have been requests for Telephoto cams in the #wishlist:

Please elaborate. I have found it is more crisp in it’s video display of distant objects due to the 2K video.

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It just got my vote!


:+1: There are actually several to vote for.

A search of the #wishlist returned 4 possible matches:


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A voting we will go, a voting we will go,
Hi ho the dairy-o, a voting we will go!
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Some notes about the new cam v3 pro I noticed:

  • usb socket is slightly smaller thank v3 and v2, so existing cords wont fit.
  • I had extension cords and modified them to fit but camera did not turn on, any limits on the length of the cord?