When will Wyzecam v3 Pro be available to order again

Would like to order V3 Pro. When will it be available to order again?

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I would like to know also.

Me too! From the forum comments, I’m guessing firmware development might be the holdup. We decided to outfit the house, and my research settled me on the Wyze V3 Pro and V2-Outdoor (battery). I would hate to get a lesser model, only to have the Pro available shortly thereafter. It’s kinda an all-or-nothing deal for me since I’d like to have all our cameras/lights on the same app so we don’t have to remember what’s connected to what. I logged on today to get a V2-Outdoor for a starter on the driveway, but I’m hesitant. Is anybody hearing when the Pro is expected to be available again?

Still waiting as of Feb 14th 2023 V3 pro Still unavailable.

I don’t know when the Pro will be back in stock, but unless you want a built-in spotlight or the 2k resolution, the standard V3 is a top-notch camera to use instead. May be the best picture quality overall, other than resolution. :slight_smile:

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If you want a v3 Pro, have you submitted your email address to be notified on this page? It is possible if Wyze sees a big interest, they may restock faster.

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Thanks. In fact, neither the 2k nor spotlight are important to me. However, I’m intrigued by the ability of the camera itself to distinguish between pet/person/vehicle. I’m curious how much time it saves from trigger to notification. Our Outdoor V2 takes about 25 seconds for us to get a cellphone alert.

Does anyone have a general idea about how much time the Pro Edge AI saves?

I don’t know how fast the built-in is in comparison, but I wanted to mention the built-in identification is not pet/person/vehicle. It is Person-only.

They have also been moving towards a model where you get notified of motion immediately, with a follow-up notification if something specific is identified by Cam Plus.

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Looks like the v3 Pro is back in stock. Wyze has a few bucks off the 2-pack.

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