Wyze Cam v3 Pro

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Some notes about the new cam v3 pro I noticed:

  • usb socket is slightly smaller thank v3 and v2, so existing cords wont fit.
  • I had extension cords and modified them to fit but camera did not turn on, any limits on the length of the cord?

I don’t know that there is necessarily a length limit, but the V3Pro is supposed to receive a certain Voltage and Amp, and so if you go the 3rd party route, what matters is that the brick and cord together get the same voltage/amps to the camera and the longer the cord the more that likely degrades a little, but it will partially depend on the adapter you’re plugging that cord into.

I used a cord that was at least 20 feet long for one of my V3Pros and it is working fine. I had to file the tip of the cord down so it would fit in the back though. :man_shrugging: Not a big fan of that…definitely prefer the fishtail cord on the V3 instead.


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I have not seen any limitations to the length of the USB extension. My 20ft is working well.

There have been reports of the microUSB not inserting far enough into the cam due to the tight fit on the back. Mine was quite snug but did fit. Some have also used a Male\Female USB A to extend the existing Male MicroUSB\Male USB A cord that comes with the unit.

Rather than the length, I believe the quality and construction of an aftermarket extension would be most important if the plug will fit. There are many cheap ones that won’t even carry enough juice from the 1A power adapter to run the V3.

Since the V3Pro requires and ships with the 2A power adapter, the cord would need to be able to handle that power without reduction to the cam.

I used my v3 setup, is the new charger more powerful?

Yes. The one shipped with the V3Pro is a 2amp. The V3 is a 1amp.

The new one delivers twice the power (10VA vs 5 VA).

The V3Pro has a bigger processor to power, twice the antenna, and a spotlight. Needs more power.


@TheNetGuyDotCom did a REALLY awesome comparison of the V3 Pro vs the V3 and V2!

I highly recommend it:


Yes. Great to see quantitative confirmation of what we have been already experiencing!


Thanks - excellent review! How can it only have 572 views after being up on YouTube for a day and your link being here for 12 hours? :wink:


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Interesting video.

  1. Either he misspoke or I don’t know what he’s talking about at 8:40ish. After showing the V2 at the bottom in the first “round”, he says, “so far the V2 and the V3 Pro are neck and neck”.

  2. He reports that the V2 has MUCH better WiFi than either the V3 or Pro, even though the Pro’s MIMO helps a little bit.

  3. It seems the “local” AI on the Pro gets notifications only about half a second faster, and he had trouble confirming it was on?


The way I understand it:

  1. I think he’s taking into account that that indoors the V2 has pretty good video, but the V3Pro has more pixels and sharpness to make up for it in some ways, so they are better in different ways for that use-case
  2. V2 WiFi is stronger/farther, but the MIMO helps it to connect faster and be more stable.
  3. The Edge AI is actually always on. He’s just saying he didn’t really have a setting or anything to confirm any of that.

I would’ve liked to hear more audio footage .

Audio on the v3’s for me are not good enough . We saw more video footage than audio .

I have been watching a few review videos and not many seem to focus on that as the new v3 pro is supposed to offer “improved audio and 2 way talk”

Well if you used Wyze products at all you will notice a long delay if you step in front of there cameras to the time you actually get alerted, so slow sometimes I could drive by a camera and be miles down the road before it alerts, I have one older Simplysafe camera, it’s alert is nearly instant. Wyze alert times are unacceptable.


He said only one of his samples seemed to have used it and that it helped the average? That one sample was like 2 seconds faster if I recall.

So this is a real, noticeable thing? I know I missed a lot by not logging in for a year, but this is very useful information for me. Thanks!

Basically, if I plan to upgrade V2s to V3s, I should keep this in mind regarding cam and access point placement, etc?


Disappointed that the v3 pro does not support the same accessories as the v3, ie the lamp socket.

Will this be resolved in the future?


Set up a comparitive test and post your results.

I’m still waiting for my v3 pros :slight_smile:

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Soon. Hopefully soon.

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