WYZE CAM V3 Pro? When?

When are these going to be back in stock? Seems like they been sold out for a good while now.

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It’s a blessing in disguise. There are issues with the units that Wyze is unwilling to acknowledge or fix. It’s been a YEAR now and they’re still not fixed. You don’t want a new one.

The v3 Pro was released in Oct 2022. Here is lots of info on this thread to help you decide if you should buy one when available.


Tell me you’re a bot/shill without telling me you’re a bot/shill.


What needs fixing on the V3 Pro? I had one issue in mid-December when I updated the firmware, I fixed the issue and the cam has worked great since.


Please elaborate on the issues you are experiencing with the V3Pro.

The V3Pro was released 4 months ago and the firmware was updated in December. There is currently an active Beta test of the next Firmware release.

Are you participating in that Beta test?

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My apologies, you’ll have to excuse me.

I confused Wyze’s incompetence, it’s the REGULAR V3 cams that still haven’t been fixed where they properly work with Alexa show. Can’t imagine why someone would want to give them more money when they’ve failed to fix the issues with the existing product.

I’m sure you have already considered that Amazon drives the Alexa train, not Wyze.

And, since Alexa is effectively circling the drain having terminated 10,000 employees recently after the division lost over $10 Billion last year, I wouldn’t look for any improvements in anything with an Alexa logo on it.

Amazon isn’t driving this train wreck. Their API is fine, works with everything else, including other cameras and the older Wyze cameras. Wyze released these in 2021, and hasn’t gotten them configured correctly for the same API.

That’s incompetence on part of Wyze.