Wyze Cam v3, Pan v2 & v3 Pro Firmware Beta Test 4/22/2024

Im back on the general release firmware, But it appears after 2+ months they still have not fixed this? Not to mention the Beta forums seem dead. I will say it again the way wyze handles beta testing and issues is a mess. Im guessing they will slowly not get anyone willing to test beta anymore, which will result in buggy firmware released to the public. Like I replied before , How could you think it was fixed when a reboot always fixed the issue? and @WyzeJasonJ pins that? Shows you how out of touch this beta testing is between wyze and users.

Same here. I also deleted the dual doorbell test app trying to see if that would help and now have a dead brick pretending to be a doorbell camera since I can’t get the app to work again downloading from the play store. It ding dongs outside and notifies me on the phone but I can’t get any video.