Wyze cam v3 & Floodlight Pro Firmware Beta Test 8/10/2023

Bulk updated without any issues.


One button bulk update on 16 V3 and 2 FLP. Only one update fail on a V3. Second attempt succeeded.

All cams operational with no indications of issues thus far.

Will be pushing the FLP Cams to WOT tonight after dark to test:

  • Optimized connectivity quality and speed
  • Updated Image Quality (IQ) to improve low-light performance when using infrared (IR)
  • Improved the motion detection algorithm to reduce false alarms

Hoping the Motion Detection improvements will allow for higher sensitivity of the cam with less false Floodlight activations.


Ok, what is WOT? :slight_smile: having one of those moments. LOL

BTW: my FLP has been spot on with Person detection turning on flood light. Went into the back yard and the moment I rounded the corner, the light came on.

Will test it again tonight

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Boat term Wide Open Throttle. Taking it to the limit to test its capabilities. Putting it thru its paces. Knocking it about and shaking it up to see what falls out.

Mine has as well. It has never missed a true Person Detection Floodlight Activation. These positive activations for a real Person also result in a Person tagged Smart AI Event upload.

The problem is when the sensitivity is increased. I have my FLP Floodlight Activating for Person only. When the sensitivity goes above the low 50s, it will blink the floodlights on and off all night with false Onboard AI Person Detections. These will never get tagged when uploaded and are listed only as Motion Events because the Server AI applies the tag and sees no Person.

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Thanks for the clarification on WOT… :slight_smile:

I will test the flood light tonight and see. My experience has been a bit different. some time back, my light would kick on with the movement of branches. After the last couple of updates that stopped and now it only activates with person.

I turned pet on as well now, I want to see if it picks up Squirrels or the Foxes that runs around our back yard.

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Doesn’t fit here but in my work world it’s Work Order Task.


Yea, doesn’t fit. :grin:

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I have 4 :slight_smile:

Mine basically has 0 false detections. It works impressively well. I sometimes wish it detected people in a swimming pool at night (dim lighting color vision) a little more sensitively :slight_smile: But that is super niche, and it does way better than I would expect. I am not submitting any videos for this either, because I think it would take a lot more training.

I’m going to test the pet detection on one of my FLPros though.


Updated all 8 V3 went with no issues. All seam to be working fine.


IOS 2.44.0 (4). Cam
Record Motion Events is ON
Smart Detection Events is ON
Person is selected (none else)
The Events tab is reporting: Person, Vehicle, and Motion events for V3 Cam.

Wyze Cam v3 Beta Version:

Viewing the SD Card Video on my V3 Cams. It appears that there is a lapse in recording for 1 minute from 11:59pm to midnight even though the cam is set to record continuous. But, there is video there and the video plays. Checked this on multiple V3 cams and they all show the same apparent gap that isn’t a gap. Evidence of the same timeline shading gap on other days and other times as well. On all my V3 cams running this firmware.

Screenshots Here


Nice find. :+1: I see it @ 1 min before the top of every hour on Cam v3 playback. Other cam types not affected.


Yop, same issue all on my v3s.


Oh man, after they just put in a bunch of effort to fix this issue. I wonder why the regress? The fix didn’t get passed forward into another testing batch from a previous version.

Thankfully, they already figured out how to fix this from the last time we reported it, so they should be able to copy the code into this new firmware version to resolve it before it goes public.

Edit: it looks like they said they had scrap the previous build that had the fix in it:

So I am guessing they should be aware of this, but it would be good to make sure they know it’s missing in this particular beta.

Not the same issue. Or their fix for that issue has resulted in an unintended side effect.

That issue was that it was skipping over the play of the first minute of every hour which did show as green video.

This is that it is showing not green, no video, the last minute of every hour but it does not skip it. It plays right thru. It is really a cosmetic bug as it doesn’t affect functionality unless it affects motion event skipping fwd\back.

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Updated 2 v3 connected to original floodlight and so far so good.


Confirmed. The video is actually there, but the timeline shows the minute missing…


@Seapup @gyzmo
We are looking into this issue now.

@carverofchoice, @SlabSlayer is correct, this is actually skipping the last minute of every hour but just in the timeline. The footage is actually still there.


All V3 and V3 Pro cams are not working correctly with the status light.
This has been mentioned in several beta release comments.
The red light is coming on when there is no event recording set at all.

According to WYZE’s own information, during normal operation, the red light should only come on only when an event is recording to the cloud, or when the camera is being viewed live.
It should not come on as it does now, when it sees motion, and no events are being recorded.

The last public (non-beta) firmware that works properly in this respect is, back in Dec 22.

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