Wyze Cam v3 Firmware Beta Test 4/26/2021


4.36.1. 4

  • Added support for a custom motion detection zone

  • Added support for turning on the spotlight when sound is detected

  • Added support for using the spotlight via Rules

  • Improved Event video uploading

  • Improved spotlight firmware stability

  • Improve the sound detection algorithm


Loaded the new FW without issue.

What changed between the last FW release and this one related to the Custom Motion Detection Zone.

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Help I’m no longer getting color night vision with this update. Log submitted 193199 with pictures of v3s with without this update also spotlight only on that v3 is no longer working. Should I just hard reset till a fix?

Color night vision is working on all of my v3 cams with this firmware. Do you have Night Vision Mode off in either Advanced Settings or on the Live view icon? If yes, try powercycling the cam.

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Uploaded the firmware to four cameras. Two of the cameras are fine two of the cameras are bricked.

Multiple resets, multiple power cycles, nothing will make these things work.


You rock Seapup! Had already done a in app restart and that hadn’t fixed anything but 45secs w/o power did.

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If they are truly bricked, the only thing you can do to try to recover is to manually reflash to a production firmware version, then reattempt to flash the beta firmware:

How to flash your Wyze Cam firmware manually

You’ll need a 32GB card or smaller formatted to FAT32.

Glad to help, Ben. :+1:

Just got a v3 today. Updated to latest firmware.

When I use the microphone icon to speak to someone under the camera, as soon as I turn off the microphone icon, the audio/speaker icon also turns off and now i have zero sound.

I have to toggle the speaker icon back ON to get sound again.

Is this intended behaviour of the device?

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I don’t normally use outbound audio (speaking), but did a test comparing a couple of my V2 cameras (both with RTSP, and beta firmware), a couple V3 cameras (with beta firmware), and one Pan camera (with RTSP firmware). They were almost all different, but I confirm what you observed with the V3 cameras with - After releasing “speak”, “Sound” is also turned off.

No rtsp yet?

can you add us to the ios beta?

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