Wyze Cam v3, Wyze Cam Outdoor & Base Station Firmware Beta Test 1/13/2021




What’s New:

  • Improved the recognition rate for microSD cards

  • Added a turn off function for microSD cards

  • Added an independent update function for the Spotlight

  • Fixed a bug when switching Spotlights

  • Fixed a Spotlight authentication failure bug



  • Base Station:

  • Wyze Cam Outdoor:

What’s New:

  • Added support for a software motion detection zone

  • Added a Record Sound toggle

  • Minor UI improvements


So I installed the WCO and Base firmware. However, were will I find the software motion detection zones and sound toggle?

I might be dense here, but I don’t see the changes


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are you on app version 2.17.3?

I am running the beta version of the app on my Android Phone. The version is 2.16.53. I checked the app store and there is no updates for this. Where can I get the latest beta version of the app? Are you using an iPhone or Android?

The latest beta is 2.16.53

That is what I thought. So what is the version @cpw72 is referencing. I see mention of it in the forums.

Have you installed the updated firmware for the WCO and base? if so, do you see any software detection settings or Sound Toggle?

Just Curious…

2.17.3 is likely an alpha build.

I dont see the WCO updates either. Has happened before though where firmware was pushed before the app update (firmware they control, apps the app stores control) so not out of the ordinary.

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Sounds good. Thanks.

I received my Wyze Cam V3 today and have flashed it to the new beta firmware, all is good. However, it gave me a 2 week trial of Cam Plus - Which I also have 5 Cam plus licenses. The issue is as follows: on an Android Phone running the Beta App software, does not show Cam Plus in the V3 settings area. There is no Wyze AI Events in the Notification area. On my iPhone, I do see the Wyze AI Events option.

I believe there is an issue with the Android App and Trial version of the Cam Plus related to the V3 camera’s.

Is anyone else experiencing this?


I got 3 V3s and didnt get any trials with mine. I currently have Cam Plus on 2 of my cameras which I pay for but I never received a trial subscription

WC V3 with App 2.16.36 (3) is not allowing me to apply an unassigned Cam Plus license after the trial period ended. I have three license with one unassigned. When I select the V3 and click Activate the license remains unassigned.

on an Android phone, it looks that way as well - given I am on the Trial Subscription. When I go to the iPhone, it shows properly. Not sure what is up, may be a beta program issue… I am trying to determine the real issue. If I find something, I will let you know.

So I did receive the 2.17.6 version of the app. As you indicated, the WCO did have the settings indicated. Thanks for the response. Curious, are you on an Alpha version of the App?

Also, the list of features for this version also indicated “Made vehicle & package detection available to all Cam Plus users”, however, I don’t see it. would you happen to know anything about this?

thanks again

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Ever since updating to my v3 has been causing way more network traffic than normal.

Is this expected, or is a fix coming soon?

Screen Shot 2021-01-20 at 4.47.38 PM
Screen Shot 2021-01-20 at 4.47.38 PM1226×1514 100 KB

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