V2 Firmware & Pan

We have just updated our v2 WyzeCam and Pan to the latest firmware, for v2 and for Pan.

v2 WyzeCam

Our camera has previously lost color for the Night Vision and has been putting out very poor image in black & white with a haze that makes the Night Vision mode practically useless.

There has been no improvement in said Night Vision issue from the firmeware upgrade to

In addition, a new problem has emerged. Now, when v2 picks up a relatively loud sound, it echoes continuously. The only way to clear that is to return to 'Home" in the app. A good example of relatively loud sounds that cause this echo issue are the noise of adjusting the camera, a voice of Google Home (which we use to control lights), and banging against furniture near the camera.

Additionally, v2 temporarily lost the recognition of the SD card. This was corrected by removing and reinserting the card.


Like v2, our Pan has previously lost the color image for the Night Vision, although its images quality is normal, not like our v2. The room in which this Pan is located is not completely dark. There always is a small LED lamp that is on near the Pan. The Pan has nevertheless lost color in the Night Vision mode.

There has been no improvement in the Night Vision from the firmware upgrade to

Do you have any reflective or white surfaces near where the cameras are mounted? That could cause the haze you’re referring to. Also, Night Vision isn’t supposed to have color. That’s how it’s supposed to work.

As far as the echo sound on the V2 is concerned, if you are in the same area as the camera, and have the app open and sound enabled, it will feedback loop.

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Thanks for your reply. No, there are no reflective or white materials anywhere near the camera. It has always been in the same location and used to give a very clear picture of everything under the Night Vision mode (it still does under the normal mode). A couple of weeks ago, al of a sudden, the ‘haze’ came in and the image became blurry in the Night Vision setting. The camera has always been in the same location.

When I say “no color in Night Vision,” I should probably clarify the setting the camera is in. The room is not pitch dark. There is a faint amount of light in the room where the camera is located, and when the main lights in the room were shut off and the camera switched to the Night Vision mode, it used to be able to show colors in the room. Not any more. It is all haze and blur now.

This is an excellent point, and I have tried to recreate the condition. You are right. It was an echo effect created by the feedback loop of the app and camera being in the promity of each other. Therefore, I now confirm that this was not caused by the updated firmware. Thank you for this suggestion!

I wish to report that, earlier this evening, the blur and haze that had been plaguing our v2 Wyze Cam suddenly lifted and nominal acuity for the image was restored for the Night Vision. When this happened, I was handling the camera in the hope of figuring out what might have caused the image problem.

I now have a theory as to what could have caused the blur and haze. As I mentioned in a post above, this camera has always been affixed on the same surface (wooden), from which it had always given sharp and clear image. Then about two weeks ago, the visual acuity dramatically worsened, out of the blue.

As I was handling the camera this evening, I was slightly lifting the camera, thus extending the built-in arm/stand. That is when the nominal image returned. It appears to me that the camera, or the arm/stand, had been slowly losing its original height in such a way that the sensor’s line of sight was eventually obstructed ever so slightly by the leading edge of the platform on which the camera sits (the camera is set to look down at an angle). This, I theorize, caused the image quality issue. And the problem suddenly disappeared when I touched the camera with a slight lifting motion, which, if I am correct, restored the clear line of sight for the sensor.

I have now repositioned the camera in such a way that no such obstruction should ever occur. I have also attached a piece of duct tape to the arm/stand as a damper to prevent the sinking. I am hoping that these little actions have put an end to the image issue.

A mystery remains, however. No image issue ever occurred under the normal mode. If the line of sight obstruction was the cause, why did the image quality worsen only in the Night Vision? Does it perhaps have something to do with the innate sensitivity of the sensor under the Night Vision mode to even the slightest amount of obstruction?


I still believe you were getting a reflection from the IR LEDs on something. You would be surprised on what they’ll reflect from. I actually got motion detection events from my Pan from reflections on a black bookcase.

Here are a couple very interesting videos about how the world in spectra outside our normal human vision range looks amazingly different. These are about UV, but I think would apply similarly to IR:

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hey @jacksan1 if you get this color shift again, screenshot it and post it and tag me. I had something similar happen a while back. I might be able to give you some insight, but i’m not sure it was what you are describing.

Thank you. I do not have a screenshot of the ‘color shift’, but I do have one of the ‘haze and blur’ that resulted, which then cleared yesterday evening, as mentioned in my post above.

This is beta firmware. I’ve moved this topic over to the #beta section.

There is a post by Li in the FB beta group asking for users’ experience with this or similar issues.


How do you turn off being prompted to upgrade to beta firmware. If firmware is beta it should be stated as such, I was not aware I was upgrading to beta firmware as the prompt to upgrade to the “latest” firmware doesn’t say anything about that.

Are you using the beta app? If so, firmware updates will also be beta.

I was just offered this firmware and there was no indication that it’s beta. I’m not using a beta app. Not even aware that there is one. The only reason I found this post is because “whats changed” link has not been updated and I was wondering what was different in the firmware before I update, so I stumbled upon this post.

Was the firmware the versions stated in the title of this post?

Yea it is.

Beta app, how would one even know?
Under “about” it just brings up the Wyze logo and version v2.0.26.
Doesn’t say Beta anywhere.

I’m still prompted to upgrade to (but doesn’t say release, beta, etc) on my v2 cameras.
If I click “What’s new” it takes me to a blank page instead of taking me to a page with release notes.

What’s new should take you to the release notes - please fix this so that it works properly, totally useless now.
Firmware should state beta or release, regardless of how one gets it; how hard is it to put a B for beta in the firmware naming convention?
App should state if it’s Beta app or regular app… somewhere…

Please add an option to turn off prompts for firmware updates and make it possible to do this update check manually.

Thank you

If your on iOS you have to have TestFlight Installed to even partake in beta testing. If your not accessing through test flight, then your on production.

I’m on Android so no Test Flight - then I assume I’m on the the Production app which will only load up production release firmware.

According to @Loki firmware is beta firmware; what is it then doing being offered as an upgrade on the production App.

This is the problem here. Pushing beta firmware into production environment is a jerk move, especially when you don’t let the users know that you are making them beta test your software.

I think there is some much needed clarity here, and if Wyze insists on pushing beta firmware through the production app (which I think is very uncool) then in the least they need to make the user aware and give them an option to opt out of this not force them.

Wyze please advise

The post @Loki posted was 14 days ago. I just got a release update yesterday. So most likely it has been pushed to production since Loki’s last post.

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As of yesterday, 2/26, was released to production. There was a post about it somewhere but I don’t have time to look.

If you are not signed up for beta, you should never get beta releases.


I find it strange that a firmware with the same naming convention goes from beta to production. I’ve never seen this before, how does a developer team keep track of things this way?