No color night vision on my V3s since updating to

Since updating all my cams at the same time, I no longer have color night vision on any of my V3 cams, whether the stationary V3 or the cam-pan-v3. Can I revert to a previous firmware version to get my color night vision back? I use an android phone and an iPad, both with the latest OS updates.

What are you getting? Black and white by chance?
What is the night vision icon showing on the camera display?

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It just looks like an OG, Very dark. Can’t see any detail at all. I don’t use IR on my outdoor cams, so no, I’m not getting the IR black and white images.

Can you post a screen capture…

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If you don’t find a solution using the firmware you have, which is recommended, you can manually flash the firmware back.

Thanks! I’ll try to find some time to play with that. Apparently, I’m the only one afflicted with this problem.

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