Camera shows Black & White Video void of color

I have three v2 PTZ’s and four standard cams. One of the PTZ’s is simply stuck in Black & White mode, no matter what I try. I’ve done all the recommended troubleshooting steps - from toggling to restarting and even factory resetting. Nada. Zilch. Nothing.
It has happened on a few of the fixed cams as well, lately.

Seems to have begun a few weeks ago, after one of the updates.

Have you tried to revert the Pan to an older version of the firmware? Instructions are here:

I have not, but I will try!


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Are you using Beta firmware / software?

I AM using a beta version of the app on my Pixel 3…

If you’re using Beta software I think you will be using Beta firmware also. I believe that’s the way it works.
There have been a few reports of cameras gettung stuck in night vision mode when using the latest Beta firmware. I’ve had the problem with my Pan camera using firmware version

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Yeah, Currently, 3 of my cameras are stuck. I’ll just be patient and wait for a fix . As long as the Dev team is aware it’s a bug…!

You can roll them beck to older firmware. The option is in the app somewhere. Don’t have my phone in front of me.

By searching the Support link at the top of this page for “firmware”, I found this:

From the app (Android) tap on the afflicted camera, tap the Settings gear icon, tap Device Info, Firmware Upgrade, Having problems?
You will have a list of older firmware versions that you can Revert to.

We are having the same problem. The images became all black & white for both the normal and Night Vision modes. The Night Vision mode started giving very unclear, foggy images in black and white. The problem appears to have started upon the firmware upgrade to v., so we flashed the camera to have it revert to firmware v.

What happened then was that the color images returned to the normal mode, but the Night Vision mode still gives a terribly unclear gray image, as if our room is covered in fog. It is nothing at all like the images that the camera used to give in the Night Vision mode when it was functioning nominally. Formerly, under firmware v., everything was fine. Now, not any more under this firmware (and under the newest firmware, v.

It makes no difference whether the camera is in the ‘Auto’ mode or the manual ‘On’ for the Night Vision. The image is gray, foggy, and very unclear.

Since the Night Vision mode’s image issue happens under two different firmware versions now. under one of which it used to work fine but not any more, we are wondering whether the hardware itself is failing.

Please advise what we should do. Thanks in advance.

Edited 2/12/2019

We have just updated with the new firmware, v. There is no improvement at all from it.

I have replied to your post below. Because you gave additional information in that one, I was able to reply to it more readily. BTW, please avoid cross-posting in the future so as not to give your faithful mods additional work. :wink:

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Perhaps an adjustable threshold would be a good feature so we can adapt the auto switching to our personal conditions

You are right, i bet if you flip your pan or regular cameras it will say MADE IN CHINA. I’m a customer from ismartalarm and they have if you go look the same Spot camera, and a pan version that is REMARKABLY similar to the Wyze pan camera.

Companies in Europe, USA< and Canada bought these systems products in China, where the software is also made, that is why i can no longer use my ismartalarm cameras as they crashed on Feb 12, and many users cannot use the systems called the CUBE ONE which is used to control the entire system of sensors, cameras, and remote tags.

Likewise, i got a new icamerakeep pro from ismart after complaining for months about their system not working, and i also noticed that the scene, even with two different lamps on in my living room, were black and white, and would revert to the true color they should have been, on occasion.

Today I lost my mini SD card, it fell inside the camera!! That can only happen because of poor construction. But you should not feel so bad, ismartalarm sells bad cameras called Spot for 100$ which Wyze sells for 20$ Also, the pan camera you have cost 59$ i think, but ismartalarm sells them for 199$ andhas periodical SALES where it sells for 99$

Still, i am sure that there are vulnerabilities in your systems because they have been found in the ismartalarm systems, and reported by professional hackers and researchers.

Search Vulunerabilities found in ismartalarm CUBE ONE for more info.

ANd, they say that the cameras look similar but that “they software is different” but I created an account months ago and Wyze users experienced THE SAME EXACT problems that ismartalarm users had.

Maybe we can all be more honest about what they companies are doing, maybe even working for the Chinese government…And that is not just paranoia, ive been right about several theories I had.

I’m an ismartalarm user, i have the same issues, with a camera they sell, that looks very much like yours. We are all being duped. These are bought from China, and then sold to different companies here in Canada, USA, etc.

My icamera Keep Pro has THE SAME IDENTICAL ISSUES and it’s brand new. The spot camera which is exactly like your Wyze smaller cameras, has the same identical issues that ismartalarm users also have.

Be happy though, because thousands of us are now unable to use our systems because of the hard drive, so to speak, called the CUBE ONE. Seems a crash or software or firmware upgrade was sent out by the company onf Feb 11, of Feb 12, 2019, and i have been without a system that i paid 500$ Canadian for, for more than a month now. Ismartalarm even sent me a new CUBE one, but I still cannot add it.

The reason your people at Wyze wont be able to fix it is because they DONT OWN THE SOFTWARE and cant fix it. It seems that maybe even software was created in China, and a testament to that is the poor English typo giveaway that shows up on the ismartalarm software:
*Cameras arent connect

I dont dislike Chinese people, but I dont like people who lie to me, and send me running around in circles when they know what theissues are. And I dont like the Chinese government, As I mentioned, there are vulnerabilities in the software at ismartalarm and they have been or were notified in 2017 and in 2018 and were NOT ABLE to repair issues. Tell your friends, The problems will only get worse.

To find the vulnerabilities do a web search for: Vulnerabilities found in ismartalarm CUBE ONE.

I bet if you flip 90% of the stuff in your house you’ll see Made In China. :slight_smile:

We are not being duped. It’s common knowledge that these cameras are used by several companies.

By the way, you don’t have to reply to each individual in the thread. Each reply can be seen by everyone.

Oh, thank you so much. Just one of my five cameras had suddenly gone black and white and I figured I could find the answer here on the forum - sure enough here it was and worked like a charm. No idea how that got switched, obviously operator error :wink:


It worked! So cool to get help like this and thanks!!

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This helped me.

Thank you!

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Same problem. Night vision is set to auto but live feed is black and white even in bright daylight. This is a v2 camera. Hope this isn’t a sign that these cameras begin to malfunction in such a short lifespan.

Another of my cameras, also v. 2, keeps turning the IR lights on when I have them set to off. This camera sits in a window, so the lights glare off the glass and prevent anything being seen. Have to to manually turn lights on and back off every night. Very annoying.

Both cameras have latest firmware.