Wyze Cam v3 error-90 repeats. Unacceptable

I have one Wyze Cam v3 that went offline when updated to So I “fixed it” by manually flashing an earlier firmware.

And then it updated. Now it’s offline with an error-90 again.

I have 6 v3 cams & 1 outdoor cam with Cam Plus on all. I’m not happy. To have a firmware update break cameras and Wyze have no actual solution is unacceptable.

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I have did the following to get mine connected in the past. Remove power from the v3 Camera waiting for about 30 seconds and then powering it up again. After about 1 minute, you should be able to stream and see the thumb nail image. You may need to pull down on the home screen to refresh the screen.

What version of the App are you using and on which device?

I’ve power cycled the camera repeatedly. I’ve done all the trouble shooting. Uninstalled the camera & reinstalled it - which got me into an installation loop until I manually flashed older firmware (massive pain in the neck).

App version on my phone is 2.27.33 & Android 12, but it does the same on my wife’s iPad (it’s the camera) & my Android 10 phone (same app version).

This a known issue which is why flashing older firmware is a known, but temporary, solution.

5 other v3 cameras, all the same firmware. No issues with them.