Wyze Cam V3 Daylight image changing quality going light and dark and periodically saying "Ready to Connect"

My oldest Wyze Cam V3 has recently started doing this weird thing where the daylight image quality changes from lighter to darker (or possible high-res to low-res), and it periodically repeats “Ready to Connect”, even though it is connected.
It has two bars signal strength and is connected to the mesh device closest to it.
USB cable is about as short as I can get it, so it shouldn’t be having a power drop.
I did a complete reboot of it yesterday, but it is still a mess.
Firmware is up-to-date. All other V3s working fine.
Camera is only about 8 months old.
Has a 256GB SD card.

Anyone have any ideas?

Have you swapped out the Power Adapter to a newer one from a cam that isn’t experiencing this or a replacement aftermarket USB 5V 1A Power Adapter?

It sounds like the power adapter may be getting ready to retire.


I’ll give that a try. The power adapter is in the garage, and it does get pretty warm here. Just swapped it out with one I have for another camera I don’t use much. We’ll see what happens.

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What actual firmware version? Saying “up to date” doesn’t help as much because there are different branches of firmware that say up to date, and each have different features, functions, bug fixes etc. There is the production branch, beta branch, rtsp branch (which is really out of date) that all state “up to date”. Or if we are in a slow roll out of an update itd be good to know where you are because of if your experiencing the issue that the update will fix, all that would be needed to say is to wait for the rollout to hit your devices. So when asked or the situation calls for firmware version or app version, do state the full numbered versions please. Thanks in advance!

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Sorry. Just quoting the APP where it tells me my firmware is up-to-date.

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I did have one cam that failed during daylight only (but wasn’t broke). It was also in the garage.

Mine was because the environmental conditions exceeded what the camera was capable of. A V3 is spec’d to 113°F. I was running it to 170°F while directly in the summer sunlight behind a single-pane untreated window (I think it dropped out in the 140’s). Even then I thought the problem was the temperature sensitivity of the SD card, because the camera worked, it just stopped local recording.

Even without the direct sunlight a camera can get pretty hot in the heights of a garage. Every foot up can be a big differential.



Thanks for your reply.
In fact, it is a very strong possibility that the camera overheated. (Thought about this as I was lying in bed last night.)
While the power block is located inside of the garage, the camera itself is located in direct sunlight on the outside of the garage. And where I live in the middle of California’s San Joaquin Valley. we can go for two or three weeks with daytime high temps in the 95°F+. (My other three outdoor cameras are located in more shaded areas with less direct sunlight.)
Looks like I will need to replace it and relocate it.
Thanks again.

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Looks like there is one version that is newer, but you’ll have to manually flash it onto the camera.

Drop down to see image...

Changelog link:

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Thank you.
I manually downloaded the firmware .bin file, but I am unclear how to install it.

Before you update the firmware, read this thread. Looks like some users are having problems with the newer firmware. Sometimes you have to pick the lesser of two evils when deciding to update or not.