Wyze Cam(v2 & Pan) firmware Beta Test 10/29/2020

Yes, same thing on my side. For your video, I only have sound, no image…

I found a you can just slide your finger up , across or down and select a lot of squares instead of doing them individually


Hmm that’s odd. Video plays back on my android phones.

It’s abnormally windy today for me and I ended up blacking out all but 7 squares. It’s reduced a lot of the false notifications but I am still getting an occasional false trigger even with none of the boxes being near anything that can move.

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Me either. I am leaving a few cams and one pan that I am not going to test to check the difference.

Not seeing any difference in the detection zone though, no matter what I set or don’t set.

Updated the remaining 4 V2s to The detection zones need to be setup very strictly, else there will be a large number of notifications. I have all my 10 V2s and 1 Pan Cam on the FW 4.X.6.207, using with IOS Beta App 2.15.11. High level usage appear fine, will be testing further usage.

Im seeing same. I think the tracking is picking up shadows around the movement. Lowering the sensitivity a bit has helped but still tweaking it to find best result.

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I don’t even know how to do detection zones with a Pan cam so I just set it for the V2. The Pan doesn’t track movements well even without the testing as I tried both the beta Pan and the non beta Pan.

I just noticed this new setting for notifications which replaces Person. At the moment, it’s vague. I thought there would be a setting for each of the smart detections. To follow.

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Is this new notification only on Cams which have Cam Plus? That is what I noticed.

No, this notification setting is in all my cams; non CamPlus included.

I don’t know what is the issue for that cam. When it’s happening, I click Playback from the Event tab and I have access to the clip on my SD card. It is as if the event had not been sent correctly to the cloud.

Edit: I have the same issue with another cam. Never had that problem before🤔

Edit: I have checked some events that were recorded BEFORE this firmware update. Same issue. Beta application v2.15.11 issue with the video player? I would try another beta or the official released but I will have to set again all my detection settings… :thinking:

Edit: I have similar issue on many events with v2s and pans + Sometimes the cursor advances and the image is frozen. If I download the clip, it plays normally with iOS native video player.

To make it short, many issues this morning with playing events.

A 54sec évents clips samples for one king of issues:

Issue: Frozen image

Issue:This video clip doesn’t exist in the cloud…

Log submitted:

Last edit… I hope: Finally, I resigned myself: I uninstalled this beta and installed the latest official version. All the issues listed above are gone. They are therefore linked to the new beta application .

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Fwiw … I noticed yesterday (Fri) that motion detection (Alert clips and notifications) was no longer working on my V2 cameras (unrelated, but WCO detection working Ok). Motion detection had worked fine on these cams for years. I believe this started after a bulk .207 beta firmware update since I’m pretty sure it wasn’t happening on .199. Done as much troubleshooting as I can think of, short of re-flashing (reverting) firmware, which I’ve never done before (but quite capable of, if necessary). All six V2 cameras affected, account is on Person Detection (Pilot) if that matters. Detection zone turned Off for now. Suggestions? :confused:

Are we supposed to run notifications because if so I won’t be able to test. I have this where I’d get a notification every 2 seconds and some of us have to work

I don’t have this kind of issues with my outdoors V2s, 2 with CamPlus in the front and 2 with person notifications in the backyard. I have different ones though.

I just noticed that rollback is no longer available in the beta. I don’t know if it was working great before. Never used it.

Edit: My zone detection are ON. All these cams are set for person notifications only.

Im not seeing any loss of notification or clips on my V2s. I’m on Android.

I am having motion sense issues on my cam pan since the latest update No notification coming thru except person detected via Alex.
Detection zone is stagnant. It is on as is motion at highest level with sound as well.
Alex will notify only if I stand directly in front of the camera. Will not detect anything else in detection zone.
I have forward logs and created tickets.
Definitely issues with latest update.
I am on android 10. Samsung s10e as well as Samsung j7 2017 android 8.1.

I was having that problem last night but the v2 cam in question that stopped recording motion is on 199.
The only thing I did to try to fix it was power cycle the camera and that did not work , just left it alone and went to bed , it has been working fine today :upside_down_face:


Finally, I resigned myself: I uninstalled this beta and installed the latest official version. All the issues listed above are gone. The problematic clips are playing normally. They are therefore linked to the new beta application.

Edit: reinstalled this beta again and these same issues came back.

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Very interesting. Ref. my post above indicating all 6 of my V2s stopped detecting motion 24-36 hours ago … last night while troubleshooting, I did likewise - power-cycled, etc but still nothing. Just two hours ago (1400 Mountain time), they started working again, detecting motion that is. I was starting to think it may have had something to do with the fact that my OUTDOOR cam recorded several dozen Alert clips yesterday (birds!) and I’d reached some account level cloud storage limit of some kind. Anyway, all good at the present time, incl. person detection (Pilot). Once again, I’m on the latest beta app and V2 beta firmware.

I run the production app on my main phone but last night I was playing around with the current beta app on another device testing some other things, there were other strange things happening also