Wyze Cam(v2 & Pan) firmware Beta Test 10/29/2020


  • Wyze Cam v2: 4.9.6. 207

  • Wyze Cam Pan: 4.10.6. 207

  • Added support for a custom motion detection zone (2.15 app required)
  • Updated the motion detection algorithm to reduce false-positive videos

  • Fixed a bug that caused turned off cameras to start recording after being power cycled

  • Cam Plus displayed video length may be shorter than the actual video length in slower network environments.
  • Cam Plus stability

  • If the camera generates more or fewer false-positive videos or misses Events

  • If the sensitivity level (especially at 50) matches your sensitivity expectation

  • The new custom motion detection zone feature

  • Motion tracking with Wyze Cam Pan


Upgrading right now!

1 v2 and 1 pan done. Nothing is broken. Time for the bulk update.

Edit: My 8v2 and 3pans are online after this update. No issues updating.

Yep… see it on mine too



:+1: I really like the solution to custom motion detection regions - flexible and intuitive to configure.


22 V2 and 3 pan cams all upgraded fine

beat me to it! well done

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Smooth update and set-up is very intuitive.

Will report on performance.

Thanks @WyzeGwendolyn

Is it coming to WCO? @WyzeTeam

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Two cameras updated and both are working fine - I’ve turned on zones, so we’ll see how it goes…

The detection zones are doing great so far.
I had to adjust a bit after setting to account for shadows, but otherwise so far so good.

The green border goes away from the detection zone area when you change it and doesnt come back until you reload. Not sure if but or feature.

Updated firmware for 6 V2s and 1 Pan Cam to 4.X.6.207. Keeping 4 V2s on for comparison in the next few days. Updated the detection zones from the earlier type,
Needed to switch off then on for the detection zone before could clear the previous rectangular detection zone. Is that expected behavior?
Will observe the firmware 4.X.6.207.

I saw that to… needed to toggle the detection zone on/off switch first

I’m a little more cautious one at a time :grin:

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All cameras updated fine! No issues👍

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Updated 4 out of 8 working good so far. I’ll spare the other 4 for now. :grin:


Looking forward to this detection zone :slightly_smiling_face: got it set up I think this will be great

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I love the custom detection grid for the fixed cameras. For the Pan Cam, it is totally useless, just as the old detection zone was. Each Pan set point should have its own detection zone, or be able to be disabled for certain views. Each of my views has some continuous motion that I want to mask out, but it’s not all in the same place. Even if just one view could have a detection zone, while the rest ignore motion, it would be more useful than it is now, where you can’t combine detection zones with pan-scan.

Update one V2 and one pan which I’m testing on. The V2 is working and recording fine. The Pan I can watch live but it is not recording to the cloud at all. Maybe I have to fiddle around with the settings a bit more but I even jumped up and down in front of the Pan for 24 seconds and it did not upload to the cloud. It was working fine before then.

I take that back I had the sensitivity levels too low so had to adjust. Now it seems to work ok.

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I haven’t had any 3-4 sec events (Failed to upload event) since this firmware update (18 hours). I cross my fingers. :slightly_smiling_face:

Edit: after 24h, no Failed to upload error. :+1:
Edit: after 48h, no Failed to upload but found many others issues. Post below.


I feel like I need to be pretty aggressive when blocking off areas and need to block off extra adjacent squares.

I “think” if the green motion tracking box ever extends into a grid that is turned on it can trigger a recording? The green tracking box can get pretty big at times.

Here is an example of a false alert and what I have turned on/off

My sensitivity is fairly high because im trying to catch people walking in front/past the gate which the camera will miss sometimes with all the fence and plants.