5 WYZE Cam V2 ALL offline at the same time after going to all the steps here giving:
Turn OFF and ON Router, Turn OFF and ON Cam, Reset and Install new, Remove the Memory card or chip. Upgrade WYZE APP, Force to Stop and open again etc. this is not working!!!
Well it works for one day and then again OFFLINE.
I Have some cheap china cameras, which keep every time online NO PROBLEM with them.
Is WYZE trying to force customers to pay for cam PLUS subscription, so everything works Fine with your cams?
I Get this in all 5 Cams: Device is offline (error code 90)

What kind of wifi network do you have? What equipment? Router? How many other wifi connected devices do you have? How congested is your local area with neighboring wifi networks? What’s the proximity of your camera to the Wi-Fi source? What’s in between your cameras and your Wi-Fi source, interior walls, exterior walls, pipes, etc?

All 5 Cams were working just fine from 2020 till the beginning of 2023.
I follow the steps to bring them online and they work for a day max two,
But again offline… I am ready to give up and cancel my monthly payment to wyze for one of them.
Same Router, same network, I have 5 cameras not WYZE and they are always online, I have around 5 smart switches all work just fine.

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Same issue here all 3 of my v2s are down now, have given up for the time being.

I have had 5 cameras running for over a year now. I just did the . Latest firmware update on all 5 cameras and now my pan camera is not working. It will not show any lights when freshly plugged in… Nothing

My camera is stuck at the red flashing light so I did a restart from my phone but that would not work so I deleted the device thinking that I could just reboot it back up. Nope. So, after reading all the forums I followed the directions and downloaded a flash firmware update onto my SD card, reinstalled the card, plugged the camera back in while holding the reset button until the light turned purplish. I thought, “I got it! Good for me”! No such luck. Within a minute the light turned solid red again. Repeated the steps multiple times with the exact same results. So now I have a camera that is basically worthless. I see that there is a message from Wyze regarding AWS services, but I have been having this issue since Saturday so don’t know if this falls within that issue or not?? I see others experiencing what appears to be the same issue. Do we just wait for Wyze to fix this? How do we know when it’s resolved?

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Same here… had no issues for years then upgraded to outdoor cameras. A few go offline constantly. Wifi good, etc etc. I’m about to replace with ring.

Can’t pan without freeze either.

Also they’ve made it harder to view events. Not a fan of the update.

Same here. Wz V2 off line can’t get back and if I do it only last a short while.