Wyze Cam V1/V2 playback very choppy

I have a strange problem with all my cameras that just started happening. The Live feed looks good and smooth, but when playing back from the Micro USB card (U1) the framerate is about 1 frame about every 2 seconds. If you remove the card and copy the file to a PC it looks fine like the live feed. The router is an powerful ASUS AC5300 and all other devices on the 2.4G band have excellent throughput. I tried disabling Airtime Fairness on the 2.4G band and that didn’t do anything. As a last resort I did a factory reset on the cams and reformatted the memory cards, still nothing. All the cameras are on the latest firmware. I thought maybe a bad camera, but all are doing the same thing, and they had been working fine for the last 1.5 years. Can anyone think of anything else I can try?


Same problem for me plus 12 second clips are spotty about playback. Many of the clips will play for 1-2 seconds then stall or won’t play at all. Both are recent. Application issue?

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Will you review this thread and see if it seems similar to what you are experiencing:

Also, please answer the following.

  1. Did you recently use a Cam Plus trial on this cam? And did it expire?
  2. If you have a Cam Plus subscription or trial, will you try adding it to this cam at least temporarily and see if that makes it function normally? Then remove it again and see if it goes back to having problems.
  3. Please check if it functions differently with night vision on (no more dropped frames).

I am trying to help collect data on these recent issues, but most people that initially post they are having these problems never end up responding or giving further info…so Wyze simply thinks it a bad WiFi connection, but I know that’s not it in my case. I now have to use Cam Plus for it to function correctly. That shouldn’t be necessary.

I’m running RTSP on all cameras. Problem occurs intermittently, seemingly with all cameras. Not using CamPlus nor do I have access to the best of my knowledge. Time of day doesn’t seem to matter. I’ll see if I can manually turn on night vision as a test. Also, this just started recently.

No my problem is different and I’m not using CamPlus. The video records fine on the mem card and the live view also is fine with a good WiFi connection, however when doing ‘view playback’ from the ios app you only see one frame every couple of seconds as if the WiFi connection is poor, which it is not. If you remove the mem card and copy the media file to a pc and play it looks fine as well, so the recoding portion is good as well. Again this is on all cameras so seems unlikely they all went bad at the same time. Thanks for the suggestion though.

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This sounds exactly like the problem I have. Recordings on the SD cards are fine, if you pull them from the camera. Playback from the SD card is as AuzzieHiker describes plus many of the 12 second clips online are not viewable, but not all and there is no consistency as to which cameras clips work or not. Same camera may work for some clips but not others.

Looks like I missed the thread that has been going on since June with 165 posts that describes my problem exactly. It appears to be a bug in the iOS app and V1 cameras that causes a playback rate of only 1 frame every 3 seconds. Android doesn’t appear to be affected. Frame rate dropped to 1/3fps - #122 by mattdfloyd

Same problem here but I use the cloud playback. I use an iPhone and every time i try seeing a recorded clip it doesn’t load. Sometimes it can take minutes to view the 12 second clip.

Another thing is when I get a notification and I try viewing that clip. The clip doesn’t even show. I have to go through the events tab.