Wyze cam stopped working

I just set up 5 of these cameras and so far i love them.

We took a mini vacation the day after i set them up. All of the cameras are indoors except one. It is under the eve of my garage and housed in what was described as an all weather housing. It rained yesterday and i thought oh thats great the camera is still working and the housing seems to be doing its job.

Later that night (after it stooped raining) i noticed the camera is off line.

Anyone using these types of housings ? Hopefully the camera is fine and maybe a power related issue. Im really hoping to be able to use this camera in that location (garage)

Hello, welcome to the community @frank.7,

I have two v2 cams outside in the outdoor all weather housing. Both cameras have endured hard rain and wind since April. So far they haven’t given me any problems at all.

Have you tried unplugging/plugging the camera to power cycle it? Most often this solves the connection problem.

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Thx for the reply. I will try that as soon as we return tomorrow. Im hoping that foxes the issues and its not a water related problem.


You can also try an IoT device reset by pressing the gear icon at the top-right of that screen, then scroll down to the bottom of the next screen and press “Restart Device”. That reset command will be sent on a separate channel than the live stream.


Yjx for the suggestion unfortunately that didnt work. It says cant reach the camera… or something similar lol

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I keep getting error code 90

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When I first setup one of my cameras, I got the same error code. I actually went back through the setup process by pushing the button on the bottom of the camera and mine started working afterwards. Have you tried that?