Wyze Cam "Special Price" for Cam Plus members is not showing for me

When I’m logged out and I view the Wyze Cam product page, I can see it says “Cam Plus subscriber? Login to check your special price”.

I am a Cam Plus monthly subscriber but when I log in, the price doesn’t change! It stays at $23.99 and there is no “special price”.

My friend is also a subscriber and he sees a special price of $19.99.

What gives? Unless this is a mistake, it seems like deceptive advertising.

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Some screenshots to clarify:

There are 2 options, one if for camera only and the other is for Camera and CamPlus. The default selection is the one with CamPlus. When you logon to your account and then shop, select Cam V3 do you seeing the image below?

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Dont use the link. Go to Wyze directly, the Login. Then click sjop and select V3 and see if it is different. AT one time, I saw that to, but when you increased it to 3 the price dropped, it was a bug in the system. Try increasing the count to 3 and see if it changes.


@musical I can confirm what @spamoni4 said is correct. It is working as advertised on Wyze.com.


I am having the same problem: I’m logged into my account, it shows I’m a cam plus subscriber on two cameras, and the store page keeps telling me I am not a cam plus subscriber. I tried logging in, I tried clicking, I tried increasing item number to 3, nothing works. I still get the same error message.
I’m looking all over the website for support and help but just getting nowhere.
This happened in December, as well, and support was so slow that I missed the sale and was exhausted by the time they offered it to me in email, it took about 3-4 tech helpers that I had to explain to them each repeatedly and several weeks.

Where is this member pricing page? I have been looking all over for it. lol I must be blind.

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No_smoking, It isn’t a special or separate page. Log into wyze.com , then click on shop and and you’ll see the v3 for $19.99

it still doesn’t work for any of the cam plus specials. I’ve reported it to wyze multiple times and their solution now is to buy the item and they will refund me the amount, but I cannot even see what the cam plus subscriber price is.

here is where you can go to subscribe to CamPlus Wyze Cam Plus | Upgrade Wyze Cams & Activate Wyze Subscriber Discount Code

Basically it is $1.99 per month per camera or you can pay a year in advance, which is what I did, at a price of $1.25 per month per Camera or $15 per year.

Also, went to the store site located here:Wyze Cam v3 | Wired Security Camera

I was logged into my account, not that it was needed, but here is the V3 camera:

I went as far as adding it to my cart and went to the shopping cart and it showed correctly. it also included the CamPlus subscription.

Here’s what happens to me, I am logged in and can see I am a cam plus subscriber 2x.


Absolutely does not work for me. Glad it works for you.
I’ve tried every browser, on regular and incognito, and it just does not work.

Can’t see the image as it appears to be a broken image.

funny, it shows on my screen as the right image.
basically, it’s a picture of my shopping cart with the thermostat and v3 at full price.
both should be cam plus subscriber discount prices.

Try just the V3 first and let me know what the price is… you are my eyes at this point. :rofl:

Do you see the price for 28.98?

it’s $32.98. no discount.

so you should get a refund of $4 for the camera. Not sure why this is happening to you. It is almost like your not logged in with your account.

This is still an issue for me. Prices not accurately reflected at checkout even though I have multiple Cam Plus subscriptions. I would purchase through the APP but it currently doesn’t have one of the items I want and want to place one order to limit shipping costs.