Wyze Cam SD Card Video Joiner Utility

I’ve recently purchased a Wize Cam v2 for the purpose of viewing recorded videos from the SD card and realized they are all one minute videos. Since I needed to quickly scroll through many hours at once I created a simple PowerShell utility to join/merge all the small videos into big ones. Since people have been asking for something like this on the forums here, I’ve decided to share it here so that others can enjoy a more convenient offline viewing.

The utility is made to be as simple to use as possible, no programming knowledge required. Download the attachement, remove the ‘.pdf’ from the file name, unzip it, plug in the card reader containing the Micro SD card and run the script. The script automatically detects the drive with the SD card, and all videos are automatically joined into larger videos, one for each day. Since it’s a PowerShell script, it should also work on Mac and Linux, although I’ve only tested it on Windows 10. More information is in the accompanying instructions file.

Let me know how it works, or if there are any issues.

WyzeCamVideoJoiner.zip.pdf (2.8 KB)


I would be interested.

Hey @WyzeGwendolyn, I am sure that someone on the Wyze Team might be interested in testing “homegrown programs” that are designed to increase the value and functionality of the Wyze Products. Maybe even earning a “Wyze Tested and Approved” label.


@DadCooks I’ve uploaded the utility now.

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Thanks for sharing! I use the MP4 Joiner utility so I can avoid ffmpeg :smile:


This is so cool! Thank you for sharing. :slight_smile:


Hello, I’ve updated the utility with following changes:

  • Fixed bug where there was no sound in the joined files.
  • Joined files won’t overwrite existing files.

Version 2 can be downloaded from this post (don’t know how to edit the first post).
Full instructions can be found in the instructions file in the download.
Remove the pdf from the download file name before unzipping.

WyzeCamVideoJoiner.zip.pdf (2.9 KB)

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The 1 min vids Suck!