Software for Stitching Video clips from SD card

I want to use my V2 as a wildlife camera recording continuously to the SD card unconnected to WiFi. Seems to work OK but as we know the recording is in the form of 1 minute clips. I have tried MP4Joiner and it sort of works but I am not sure if it could turn clips into large (1 hour +) files. My ideal would be software to merge or concatenate the 1 minute clips into large files that could then be processed by something like DVR-Scan to break out clips that have motion in them. Also with MP4joiner the results have some odd artifacts like recursion (not sure that’s the correct term but it is like the clip backs up a couple frames and plays again.)

I think these little cameras would be great for this as they can capture a couple days (or more on lower resolution) powered by a big battery and are cheap enough to just switch out a new one while processing the video from the old one.

Has anybody done this in a way that is not a PITA and if so what softwares are you using to accomplish it.


Cross platform VLC Media Player will play back the clips as one stream (but not join them). On Windows, Windows Media player can join them. On macOS, Quicktime Player can join them. People also report using ffmpeg, but that requires some technical knowledge and tinkering I believe.

You can use AviDemux to stich them together, just drop them in the proper order,
Make sure you have selected video: copy, audio: copy so it does not transcode
Export as mp4 or another container format and you are done.

I am going to make another post of my own for an issue with Avidemux. When I just try to play 1 video (downloaded from the SD Card) the audio will not play. So whatever I export from Avidemux has no audio.

I am wondering about the type of encoding Wyze is using when recording continuously to the SD Card.

You can send me a link to a video you saved from your SD card and I can see what it has.

Alternatively you can download ffmpeg and use ffprobe on it, it will show the encoder, options, stream and codecs. if it can recognize everything and VLC can play the sound then avidemux should too!

Here is a link to my post @kryztoval :
Audio Codec difference between downloading from Online vs. SD Card - Ask the Community - Wyze Community (