Audio Codec difference between downloading from Online vs. SD Card

Compare the Audio Codec information of my 2 different files here.

I was wondering why the formats of the audio codec is different between what you can get from AWS (online Cam Plus) vs. what you get from the SD Card.

In my link you can see that the codec from my AWS download is
MPEG AAC Audio (mp4a)

My codec from my SD Card is:
PCM ALAW (alaw)

I was trying to use Avidemux to merge files from the SD Card. The problem I am running into with Avidemux is, I have no audio.

If I just try to play 1 file from the SD Card, there is no Audio in Avidemux (within Avidemux I do have the Audio device set to Win32). If I try to play any of the downloaded (from Cam Plus) files, Avidemux does play audio.

I don’t see a way within the camera settings to choose the audio codec for files generated/saved to the SD Card.

Does anyone have any ideas?


People have a lot of luck with VLC and you can stream that into Avidemux. There are other ways of course (FFMPEG etc.).

Thanks for the recommendation. I’ll have to look up the streaming bit (into avidemux). I still feel that the standardizing on the output is better quality control. Why add to the mix another reason for troubleshooting and support.

PCM alaw / araw codec was broken in 2017 in AviDeMux. What version of avidemux are you using ?

Can you make sure you are either running 2.7.6 final or, if you already are, try version 2.7.7. nigthly.
Directory Contents Latest is January 29th 2021.

I am using the latest stable iirc: