No sound on alarm recordings

All the recordings on the SD card are just video and no sound. I have sound on live stream and sound in the notifications. Can’t find a setting for that. Is it normal?

There is a setting to turn off sound recording in the advanced section of each camera’s settings page. I’m not sure, but I think that function may only be available in beta so far.

OK, I did some digging. There is sound, which cannot be played by windows media player. Can be heart in my flv player, but the video stops there. I hear in on the phone while playback and while trying it from remote location, like google drive. Don’t hear it when downloaded on the phone.
Seems to me like the mp4 standard in the camera and in the players are different. Not big deal, but irritates.

anything ever come of this? Just discovered the same thing. SD card removed can’t hear the sound file when playing but when played back through the app it does.

The VLC player is able to decode the audio from the videos captured on the SD card. :slight_smile:

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@DreadPirateRush I got it to work but it was strange. I actually tried the VLC that I had on my computer before remembering it was the crippled windows store version and hadn’t updated it (new computer). Windows Media Player is a no go with it.