Concatenate SD Card Clips

I continuously record on an SD card. I removed the SD card from the Wyze Cam and transferred the files to my iMac with an SD card reader-USB cable. Now I have thousands of one-minute clips. For a 4-hour time period, there are 240 clips. I want to concatenate (merge) them into a single 4-hour video. I can do this with iMovie, but iMovie transcodes the output into a massive file about 10-times bigger than the combined input files. I don’t need transcoding, only concatenation. Any suggestions? Thanks.

FFMPEG is a command line utility available for most desktop OSes. It can concatenate video files.

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If you pass a folder containing video files to VLC, it will play them one after another as if it were a continuous video.

A version of the Video LAN Client player is available for almost every computer.