Utility to automatically append video clips into 1 big file?

Is there a utility that can be used to automatically create one large movie clip from the captured videos when continuously recording to a SD card?

i.e. I want to point to a particular day folder, and have the utility combine all videos in order of time. Or, I want to point to a particular hour folder and have it combine all the clips into 1.

This would be really great to have, no need to change format, just be able to easily combine the clips in order of time.


I have found other append utilities but they are all manual and it is taking a long time to process one single day.




This may work for you:


Yes it works and I have it, it’s what I currently use, but it is manual and a huge waste of time. It would be great if Wyze could just provide such an app.

I’m looking for a program that I can point to a folder and it spits out one single mp4 file, either from the files in that folder, or all files from respective subfolders. In time progression, ie it should know which is the first video then append the rest in order.