Locally saved file size keeps increasing

Just a question here. I use my cam as a baby monitor, and save to local sd card. Sometimes I compile a week of days of him in his crib, just to see what he’s doing through the night but also just to have some footage. I’ve noticed that, the size of the locally saved files have been increasing.

I’m pretty sure what I have here is footage from WyzeCam
V2v1 (original sensor)
V2v2 (new sensor)


The thing is, that the size now has become almost double, so it’s no longer feasible to save offline, a few days now occupy the room of a full week, and the quality is marginally better.
It’s gone up for a 1 minute file, from 5MB, to up to 7MB, to now up to 9MB.

I guess it would be nice to have some settings for options on the saved file sizes or options for recorded bit rate.

Right now I have to manually compile all the files to get a 1 day file as there is no utility that will let me do an automatic merge, which is time consuming. It would be more time consuming to have to recode all the files to a lower bitrate, but right now I can’t think of any other solution option.

The size/bitrate of the video is variable based on the amount of motion in the frame, so it may be a coincidence that the size keeps getting bigger, or there may have been an environmental change that produces more noise/motion now than before (different lighting/angle etc),

If you want to automatically join all the 1-minute clips together there are several utilities. The one I use is MP4 Joiner, but ffmpeg can also be scripted to join and convert to a lower bitrate.

You can check out the Wishlist and vote for several requests to allow control over the bitrate. Here’s one that may be applicable:

one stupid thought from me…any chance you switched from SD to HD?
That would certainly increase file size.

That’s the reason I buy 256G cards instead of 32g (yes, lexar/samsung/etc extreme and pro series 4k certified cards work just peachy in the cams, just format exfat 1st using the utility)

Not sure switching SD/HD affects the local recording, I assumed this only switches the view resolution while viewing, otherwise anyone viewing the cam can switch it which would suck, if that’s the case.