Wyze Cam Plus not activating

I have an indoor Wyze cam running firmware version and I’m unable to activate my Cam Plus license.

The trial license expired today and I tried activating the regular license but after selecting my camera under the license and selecting ‘Activate’ it goes to a blank screen that says loading for a second before immediately going back to the Available Subscriptions screen.

I’m using an iPhone and the Wyze app is on version 2.16.25

Anyone got any idea how to fix this?

I think you need to pay before you can activate. :slightly_smiling_face:

The has already purchased and paid for.

Sorry I can’t help you, I set up cam plus for 3 of my 4 outdoor cams without issue.

@rcchap98 Welcome!
Have you tried doing a power cycle on the indoor cam? Also try restarting your device if you haven’t done so already. Then retry activating the Cam Plus license on the camera.