Wyze cam pan V3 Motor Rotate Speed

On my cam pan V3, the motor control rotate speed can be set from 1 to 9. For pan scan settings, I have two waypoints, a begin and an end. I assumed the motor rotate speed setting should change the speed of the pan between these two waypoints. My motor control rotate speed is the same at 1 as it is at 9. Very Fast. Is there something else to set here, I want to slow the rotation speed down. Thanks

I just tested this on mine as well. It looks like the scan speed is a default preset in the firmware while the manual control is set by the user. I am going to ask some others to test and confirm.

Hello, I have this same behavior on my two cameras. I’m using the latest firmware available on this date, version Any update on the matter? thanks !

No news. Apparently the motor control speed is hard coded and the “rotate speed” slider isn’t functional. Hoping SlabSlayer will have some more information on this. I was hoping the latest update might fix this but I didn’t see a difference.

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The User Defined Motor Rotate Speed slider in the Motor Control Settings of the Advanced Settings only changes the speed of the motors under Manual Control.

The Motor Pan\Tilt speed for the Track Motion and the Pan Scan features are hard coded into the Firmware and cannot be changed.

Last I heard, Wyze was finishing a Firmware test with feature enhancements. However, I have not yet seen this FW released to Beta Testing yet. The last FW update, which was a mandatory forced update, was a Security Patch. I have also not heard what feature enhancements will be in the next FW Update beyond a fix for the Home Position Drift problem. I would not expect an update to the Pan\Tilt Motor Speed set in the FW.

As I understand it, this is set at a relatively high speed so that the cam doesn’t let fast moving objects exit the FOV when tracking.

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Thanks for the update. I guess we just deal with it.

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