Cam Pan V2 Manual Panning Motor Controls stuck on Fast

Firmware v4.10.6.241
All 4 of my Cam Pan v2 - Manual Panning Advanced > Motor Controls > Rotate Speed are stuck on Fast. Changing the slide bar setting has no affect on any of them. If you exit and go back into the setting, it is back on Fast again.
I’ve done all of the basic troubleshooting and nothing has changed. My feeling is that its the last Firmware update that caused this issue.

All I can tell you is that I have never seen that as a problem on my two Pan cameras. I will point out that I SELDOM ever move them. I just tested with both cameras and the speed control worked fine. I have firmware (the most recent RTSP firmware) in both cameras, and the Android phone I was using for the test has 2.21.14 (the latest beta software).

Just got mine and same issue - Rotate Speed always resets to max fast. I’ve rebooted, reset, approached it from every direction but while I can put the slider to lower setting if I then back out of that settings page and go back in, it’s found set to fast.