Motor control on Pan

Hi Wyze Family:

I just got both the cam V2 and the Pan and love them. I have a question about the Pan.

The motor control seems to do nothing, I have 2 pan set to slowest (1) and both of them still move very fast and somewhat abruptly with motion tracking. The video is therefore blurry caused by the motion of the camera and the person is moving (walking slowly or just moving hands).

I tried fastest and slowest and I don’t see change in tracking speed. Also, the motor seems to move in steps and the steps are too large so sometimes either moved too much or another time tried to move back and forth because it tried to center the person but it cannot. (i am guessing here).

Anyone have the same issue? I am already on the latest firmware.


I believe the motor control only controls the speed of the motor when you actively pan the camera, not when it does it on its own.
The other issue is known, it seems to try top guess where there motion is headed and goes to far, then overcorrects and goes too far back. This has been talked about and is a known issue.


Welcome to the community, @hhk. What @WyzeJasonJ stated is correct. I have checked the documentation page on this, and it is not clear about that there. I will ping Wyze to hopefully correct that oversight. :slight_smile:

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