Only pans all the way to left or right

New used here…
My Cam Pan will only pan all the way to the left and to the right when I press the side-to-side dots. It also will only tilt all the way up and all the way down when pressing the up/down dots.

It does this when I’m in live stream and when I’m trying to set a detection zone. The only way I’m able to get it to pan/tilt in small increments (in live stream) is if I drag my finger across the screen. When trying to move it while setting a detection zone, I’m unable to get it to move in small increments at all. Is there a way to correct this issue? Thanks.

Welcome to the Wyze Forums @Ohioblue672,

You may want to check out the Motor Settings in the App itself

While in the Live Feed:
Go to Settings> Then Advanced Settings Then > Motor Controls, There will be a Slider bar under “Rotate Speed” Check and see if that is set all the way to Max, if so lower it down I have mine set to 1. ( this may not solve your issue, but I thought it would be a good place to start)

if this does not solve your issue after rebooting, and trying what I stated above, you may want to create a Support ticket by clicking the below:



You can look over these support pages for more information: If you need further assistance, please create a Support ticket like @TheNerdCorner mentions in the post above. :point_up:


Thanks for the tip. So I set the motor speed to 1. Now I can pan all the way to the left in small increments with no problem . I can pan back to the right in small increments, until it reaches the center. It will then make one big jump. I press it again and it makes another even bigger jump, all the way to the furthest point right.