Pan/Tilt Control through app ?


Is it possible to pan/tilt the camera through the phone app ? Or is the pan/tilt available only when the camera detects the motion ?


Yes, you can manually pan and tilt the camera through the Wyze app on your phone. You can either swipe on the live screen view or use the directional pad that you’ll see in the app once you have a Wyze Cam Pan set up.

Anyone know if you can pan and tilt through the tinycam app?

hello, please see below support url for reference :slight_smile:

Robj was asking if it could be done from the TinyCam app, not the Wyze app. I noticed that it didn’t work out of the box as well. I suspect the question is better suited to the TinyCam developers…but hoping someone on here had figured out a way to get it to work.

hi jb,

yes, there is a reddit thread regarding this ability in tinycam.

awesome. Great find. Thanks!

The current TinyCam Beta has the ability. Just be sure to switch the cam model to WyzeCam Pan.

Awesome! Thank you everyone.

When I pan and tilt the camera to any position, the camera will go back to home position in few seconds ? Any idea why the camera is doing this ?